Custom Painting Service – Transform & Recreate


Transform pieces you already own with custom painting!


From time to time we have some availability between our own creative projects. Where we can, we take on specific projects on behalf of others. Custom painting is a great way of breathing new life into existing pieces so that they compliment the current needs and design of your home. This helps to reduce waste and landfill, and can be a kinder or greener choice.

Over time our lives, homes and personal tastes adapt, evolve and change. This is where custom work helps your home decor to continue to ‘fit’ with your current design needs. Rather than replace pieces, you can update and refresh them so that they continue to compliment and fit into your interior decor scheme.  There are so many different options available. We love how customizing pieces keeps them relevant and loved for many years!

Take a look at some of our completed custom paint work!

Example of custom painting work we have completed 

As we are often very busy with our own projects, availability for custom work tends to be limited. At this present time we have no current availability for any new custom painting projects. We will be sure to keep you updated when this changes. 


If you would like to view some of our current collections of vintage decor and furniture you can explore in person. You will find us located inside Butlers Vintage Depot. So if you would like more information on where to find us in person, click HERE  and scroll down to “where to find us”.

Meanwhile you can view our current displays online via our Instagram feed HERE. 


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