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First Crush is finally here!!


There is nothing like a visit from the ‘parcel man’ to put a grin on my face because it means that he is dropping off a big box of Sweet Pickins Milk Paint! And this delivery was no exception because amongst all those pretty bags of milk paint is the latest Sweet Pickins colour release First Crush!! We have been so excited to get this new colour in, if you haven’t heard about this colour release let me just take a minute to fill you all in.

first-crush sweet pickins milk paintfirst crush milk paint

As you can see above, the latest colour release is a soft vintage pink. It is not a fleshy toned pink and does not have coral undertones but rather a true pink that has been lightened to a deliciously blush shade, and how perfect is that name!

Whilst on face value you may not be a ‘pink’ fan, this colour is very versatile and can be manipulated with waxes to achieve some quite varied finishes. Below is an example provided by Sweet Pickins of First Crush with a variety of waxed finishes.

first crush milk paint waxed

Just take a look at the change in intensity, depth and tone the different waxes achieve. The white wax providing a very subdued and washed out pink in contrast with the dark wax adding layers of warmth and depth to the colour.

Sweet-Pickins-First-Crush Did you know that you can buy Sweet Pickins Milk Paint online through our website?! First Crush is now available online through our online-store as well as over 30 other fantastic Sweet Pickins Milk Paint colours. Some colours do tend to sell out quite fast so if there is a colour that you have missed out on, please don’t hesitate to send us an email to or a text message to 0434840145 and we can order any products in for you.

We also have added our favourite ‘go to’ cling on paint brushes to the online-store.

Cling on F30 paint brush

I will write a detailed post about why we love Cling On paint brushes so much very soon, however if you are after a superior quality, durable and easy to use paintbrush that will last an age all at a very affordable price, then the Cling On brushes are the best choice. For furniture painting (particularly using milk and chalk type paints) it is definitely worth investing in the right type of brush. The Cling On range have been specifically formulated for furniture painting and thus are perfectly suited to Milk Paint and other specialty furniture paints as well as ordinary latex paints.

We are slowly adding to our online range of DIY and paint products with more products to come (which we will definitely write about as they arrive). I also just wanted to take the time to thank all our past and current clients who have supported our small business and those who have been purchasing products online, we really appreciate the support you show to our small local business, so thank you!!

Happy shopping and happy painting!

Adriana x


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