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Selling a very special display piece!!


Wardrobe 2

Parting with special pieces is never easy. I have told myself that I would never sell this piece and for good reason, it is big and beautiful and such a unique display piece. It has served me so well in the shop as a shelving display and it would look fabulous at home as a book case or even an open shelving in a kitchen or lounge-room / study. I could even see it as a beautiful linen press or storage in an artist / craft room, sooo many possibilities really.

Here she is all bare and beautiful on her first day ready to be loaded with goodies.


Well the long and short of it is that I have come to the difficult decision that I must part with this very special piece. She has served me so well and it is time that she does the same for someone else. She is beautiful and rustic and quite large. She will come with her gorgeous jar light too! The piece is reclaimed and thus has character and is not a new or factory finish, she is vintage and hand painted and has been used as display shelving in the shop so it does have some light wear marks on some of the shelving but being a vintage item and rustic it does not bother me in the least. This beauty stands at 2135mm tall and is 1900mm long and is approx. 480mm deep or 425mm shelving depth. This stunner comes apart for transport, the top piece comes off and the body separates into two pieces and comes off the base for easier removal.

She is for sale for $1199.00 and must go asap, if you are interested in purchasing this gorgeous shelving unit please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0434840145 to discuss or send us a message on our business facebook page.

wardrobe 3

I will be sad to see her go, but I am also excited to see someone else have this amazing beauty to love and display, she wont disappoint!!

Adriana X

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