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A Frenchic Furniture Paint Transformation

First up on the cards for a makeover is this absolutely gorgeous batwing vintage dressing table with the prettiest ornate carved detail. 


Painting pieces that are this pretty is really the best fun. Goodbye sad worn dull brow and hello to something fresh.

First up I sanded took the mirrors off and sanded the dresser top back to raw wood. Paint sticks to raw wood the best so I felt that this would be a good prep option to make the dresser top more durable. The rest of the piece I followed my usual steps of light sand over and clean. This piece needed 2 solid coats of primer to prevent stain bleed coming through from the wood to the paint.


I do freely admit that the prep work is not the most thrilling part of furniture upcycling but I have found that putting in the initial effort to do some prep has always led to the most durable and high quality results. So don’t skimp people.

Now time to move onto the fun part… PAINTING!!


I love cracking open a new can of paint and peering at the goodness inside. In the past i would paint straight out of the can but I found it too easy to contaminate the paint with water and impurities picked up while painting so now I scoop some paint out into a little disposable dish and paint freely from there, topping up as needed. That way i can thin the paint and wet my brush as much as I like without compromising my whole tin of paint.


Frenchic is lovely and thick and has great coverage. I personally like to keep my brush a little on the damper side and put my base coat on nice and thin. 2 coats is all it took to get lovely solid coverage. Now I couldn’t just leave all those gorgeous carved details plain, they were crying out for some highlighting and so I gave them some contrast in white.

As you can see I um’ed and ah’ed about whether or not to stain the top but I decided to paint it for a change.


Look how great the white details look !!

I like to leave all my painted pieces to sit overnight to give the paint plenty of time to dry and cure before I finish off with a protective finish. I always give any painted surface a light sand over with a very fine grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface and make it lovely soft and even for waxing. Let me just tell you how lovely and easy Frenchic wax is to use. It is like soft butter and glides on like a dream. No stinky odor, no harsh chemicals and no overly fast drying or lingering sticky finish. It is perfection. I chose to white wax this piece for a limed finish and then hoghlight the carved areas with a dark wax and ageing dust. I left the wax to cure overnight then repeated for added protection and here is how she came up..




I love how much fresher and feminine she looks after a bit of paint. And how her details really frame the piece and stand out.


There is nothing like a ‘before and after’ picture for a bit of clarity… and paint of course 😊

Adriana 💖


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