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A Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Pigeon Hole Masterpiece

Pigeon holes are so versatile and handy .. I love those little cubbies where you can store all sorts of goodies & knick knacks and have them on display.

Recently I came across a large raw wood pigeon hole display that I think may have been used as a hardware storage rack in a shed. It was a great size, solid and a blank canvas. Being raw wood it was very plain and needed a bit of rustic charm. So I ran a dark walnut stain over the entire outside surface area. I wanted this dark colour to serve as my base for the distressed paint overtop. Here is where Sweet Pickins Milk Paint comes into play. Milk paint is the only paint that will give you that authentic chippy finish without having to weather it for the next 50 years. And Sweet Pickins is just the cream of the crop and my go to Milk Paint every time.


Now if you are painting over raw wood with milk paint and you want to get that chippy finish, you are going to need to apply some sort of resist. Over raw wood milk paint will soak  in and give you coverage, it will grip to the wood like crazy and be super durable but no chippy. So i chose to apply a wipe on polly urethane semi gloss type finish over the stain as a resist. I did 2 thick coats (in himdsight one would have sufficed) and let dry. I chose to go with my favourite Sweet Pickins white called Window Pane .. a lovely vintage bone white. I mixed the paint using my trusty stick/bar blend and applied 1 thick coat which gave me awesome coverage.

Now the waiting part can be a bit nerve wrecking .. Will it chip? Won’t it chip? How much?? .. The good news – It chipped!! The bad news – It was chipping too much .. After the initial sigh of disappointment I knew that this would be a relatively easy fix. I grabbed out the orbital and using a moderate sand pad I hit the really flaky spots just to knock off the loose paint and scuff the surface a bit so my touch up would stick better. And it worked a treat. I spot painted the areas that I sanded and let them dry. The chipping was now just right.



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I waxed the entire piece with a quick drying hard setting solvent based stucco wax (stinky but great over chippy milk paint) .. my gorgeous hubby hand cut and punch stamped individual numerical tags from old galvanised sheet metal. They looked so great attached!!



The tags really added life to this piece, they were the perfect compliment and didn’t look new or out of place at all.


Here she is in all her glory on diplay instore ..


How perfect are those little cubbies with vintage bits on display.


This set sold to Fiori arte florist in Ballarat and is now the perfect florist display. I couldn’t have imagined a better place for this wonderful piece 😊


The power of sweet pickins milk paint.. such a unique paint and finish. I just love it.

Adriana x

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