Chalk Paint

A Provincial Style Desk Transformation

Sometimes I come accross pieces that I know are going to be hard work but just have so much potential.

Enter this big sweet desk .. a definite candidate for stain bleed and most likely a royal pain in the you know where!!



But I must be a glutton for punishment because I just couldn’t help myself!!

I knew immediately that these reproduction teak type pieces almost always need priming as they will suffer from a pink or orangey stain bleed .. so after a light sand and good clean I gave this baby 2 solid coats with my trusty Zinsser Bin  Primer in aerosol form.


My vision for this beauty was a nice subtle provincial type finish. The colour for the body of the piece can only be described as a soft taupey grey.. and what better to bring out all those carved details than some white highlighting. I actually sanded the top back to raw wood in the hope of staining it but I wasn’t a fan of the natural wood on this one. I really didn’t want to paint the top the same colour as the body of the piece, so I went for a happy medium and cracked out some milk paint in a rich brown. Milk paint was the perfect choice for the top .. over raw wood it soaks right into the wood and gives you coverage whilst alowing the natural texture of the wood to show through.

Here are some progress shots… please excuse the poor lighting 😊




I love the contrast of the rich brown top with the greige and don’t all those carved details just stand out so much better. I sealed the body of the piece with clear wax and highlighted the white with a touch of dark antiquing wax. I wanted the top to retain that matte finish so I opted for Sweet Pickins Oil Wax which worked a treat. And here she is on display looking a trillion times better than when I found her!!




*desk is sold*

Adriana xx

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