Chalk Paint

A sweet children’s bedroom suite transformation with chalk style paint

It’s so nice to be coming out of the winter months into spring (we are a bit behind weather wise here in sunny old Ballarat!!) and to finally tackle some of those projects that have been waiting for the finer weather.

Some months ago I picked up a Queen Anne style vintage single bed head which promptly sat in my storage container waiting for me to feel inspired about what to do with it. I knew that I wanted to paint it and it was in desperate need of a makeover but it felt a little out of place and a shame to paint it and sell it by itself. I do confess that I wasn’t feeling good about transforming it .. that was until I came across a sweet but sad looking Queen Anne bedside table and serpentine tall boy and I knew that the three needed to find a new life together.

So I cracked out the brush and paint and got to work. All 3 pieces had a particularly strong mahogany stain and were definite candidates for stain bleed issues, so after a light sand and scuff over I got straight onto priming them.

Primer wise my go to is the Zinsser BIN Shelac Based Primer and Sealer in aerosol form or the Zinsser Bulls Eye 1.2.3 Water Based Primer.

Priming can be time consuming and frustrating but its best not to skimp on this stage, if you need to prime just do it, otherwise you will create more work later ..  do it properly allowing it to dry fully between coats and applying the required amount of coats as well.

After priming you can get to the fun part which is painting. For this set I chose to go with a soft French grey chalk paint and to highlight that lovely carved detailing in white. Chalk style paint is the best to work with, its easy to use, fast drying, minimal prep work and most are low voc / safe on the environment and your health.


This set came together really well, the paint was such a breath of fresh air compared to the horrid dark stain and banged up previous finish. Once painting is done I always give my pieces a light sand over with a very fine grit paper. This is to smooth out the surface so its even and silky to touch and to prepare it for the waxing or sealing coats. Always dust down after sanding and before applying your choice of sealant. I chose to go with a water based wipe/brush on satin poly acrylic finish so that the set would be super durable and easy to wipe down clean in prep for little hands touching the pieces.

And here is the finished set 🙂


They are just so quaint and a little bit fancy with that provincial French feel. I opted to keep the wood top on the bedside table to bring some warmth and texture back to the set, and I am glad I did.


The serpentine tall boy is a fantastic piece with ample storage and is that perfect size so that its not too small or too imposing.


And just look at that bed head, not out of place now .. the carving and highlighting on this sweet bed head really makes this set so special. I just love it.


The set is just fabulous. Being a neutral colour palette, it can fit in well with most colour schemes without being the elephant in the room. It is also very versatile. It would make the sweetest child’s bedroom suite (I can just imagine it set up with a pretty quilt on the bed and bunting on the wall) but the great thing about it is that it can also be for a teenager or single adult .. or it could go in the spare room for a single bedroom suite without looking out of place at all.

The power of chalk style paint never ceases to amaze me 🙂

This latest set is on display and for sale in our shop. Priced at $725.00 for the 3 piece set.

Dimensions are as follows:
Tallboy 985mm High x 880mm Wide x 450mm Deep
Bed Side Table 675mm High x 510mm Wide x 400mm Deep
Bed Head 1040mm High x 1080mm Wide


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  1. Just love these pieces! Love the colour you chose too. I often get confused with WHAT colours to use when painting, but now see that even if you use the same colour on a few pieces, it pulls together beautifully. I love this set. Well done.

    • Thank you so much. Yes choosing colours can be hard. I love to vary with neutrals as I feel they are much easier to sell but a splash of colour here and there never goes astray 😊😊

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