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A Rustic Workbench with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

I hope I am not starting to become predictable here, but I am totally crushing on old workbenches at the moment!! So when I find one that is unusual and needing some lovin I just can’t leave it behind.

Enter this old beauty!


Not over sized which is great, love the support pieces on the angle underneath too. Not much needed to get her back to some rustic glory and full of original character, what more could a girl want!!

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Window Pane is the perfect solution for a candidate like this one. It is a bone based white, my favorite white and just so vintage, I knew it would pair perfectly with what I had in mind for this beauty.


I decided to keep the top original, so I pulled off the awful pieces of craft board that had been tacked over the gorgeous original wood top and brushed several inches of saw dust and gunk away. Next I got out my trusty orbital sander and put a fine sanding pad on to clean and smooth the top without taking off all the patina and paint splatters that just add so much character. I gave the top 3 coats of clear coat to seal in the original character I wanted to preserve on the woods ‘face’ and give you a versatile surface easy to clean.

Next up painting!! Now if you have never mixed up Sweet Pickins Milk Paint before let me just let you in on how to get arguably the smoothest creamiest consistency with your paint with minimal stress and no manual stirring… USE A STICK MIX / BAR BLENDER!! As long as you wash the head of your stick blender immediately after use you will have no dramas with it.

milk paint

I use a fat jar deep enough not to make a mess, add the amount of water needed, add the equivalent amount of powder, pop the head of my stick blender in, bob it a few times to submerge the powder and then BLEND BABY BLEND!!! It is sooooo quick and easy and you will end up with absolutely smooth and creamy paint giving you the best consistency for painting!

milk paint 2

This is how my paint looks after mixing … like melted ice cream!! And this is the coverage you get off one coat … the surface was quite rough and bumpy but that didn’t worry me as I intend to take full advantage of the rough surface by using my orbital again after painting.

milk paint 3

I gave the body (apart from the cross pieces underneath) one full coat and let it dry and then I used my orbital again to sand the surface to distress and expose all the bumps and previous old layers under the one I just painted.

Check out some of the results!!

milk paint 4

I love all the paint splatters on the top of this piece, it looks so full of life and very industrial!


After distressing I gave the body of the piece a good coat of clear coat and we were done 🙂


Here she is in all her glory..


A perfect fit for under the window in the shop and ready to be loaded with goodies! If you haven’t tried Sweet Pickins Milk Paint then I highly recommend that you do, such a fabulous product to work with. You can grab it in our shop or pop through an online order via this website! If a colour you need is not in stock, don’t despair, shoot us an email and we can organise to get that colour for you.


This ripper work bench is currently for sale so pop in and check her out.

Adriana xo

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