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An amazing armoire and a hair raising experience!!

I cannot believe how fast this year is going. And how slack I have been in sharing some of my more recent transformations. So today I thought I would share with you my hands down favourite transformation of the YEAR thus far!!

When my husband organised the purchase of this solidly built and very sweet armoire / glass display cabinet I was itching to get started on it and give it some new life. Initially I thought we might be able to keep it but there was no room in our small living area. The piece was built very well and full of amazing detail and great craftsmanship, however it was a bit dark and heavy for my liking and I felt that all those gorgeous details really got lost in all the brown stain.

armoire 1

So it was time to give this beauty a serious french-esque update with some chalk style paint. I chose to mix a custom soft greyish sage colour and highlight all those amazing carvings in an off white. I prepped the piece for her makeover pushed my hair into a pony tail and got started. I have to say that it was an absolute pleasure working on this piece, I felt super inspired and creative and was literally grinning from ear to ear as I painted. I used my Cling-On flat brush which made my job so much easier. The cling on brushes are my go to and by far the best brush i have ever used and they work just as amazing with milk paint as well as chalk style paint. Taping up the glass was somewhat of a test of my patience but it was worth it and saved so much cleaning later on.

I was feeling super impressed with myself as I powered through the first coat, absolutely loving life and as i got down to the feet I lay down on the floor and got all up and under the piece to paint those awkward hard to reach bits under and around the legs…. and this is where things went a bit pear shaped.

As I squashed my face into the gap between the floor and furniture to get around its lovely feet, I nearly died of heart failure. Poking my brush around under there I saw a large dark object move, I do admit that my eye sight is not great in poor light but even in the dim underbelly of the furniture I saw a BEAST move under there!! I have to say I heard myself yell out something that I can’t pin to any language group (possibly a new dialect altogether) and I wrenched my head back so violently that I dazed myself … sitting up in shock I stared at the floor in disbelief! There were dribbles of paint in very strange patterns in front of me. Now either I was going mad or the creature living under the armoire had taken to my paint and was trying to communicate with me. As I sat back in shock and very confused I realised that my pony tail felt unusually heavy, reaching my hand back I felt that it was sodden with paint and slowly leaking all over the place. In my haste to pull my head out from under the piece and get away from the lair of the creature, I had sunk the entirety of my hair in my pot of paint. As I sat on the floor and let everything soak in (literally), I started to find the whole situation hysterical and threw my head back and roared with laughter. I would say the huge rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins and the realization and relief that I was otherwise bodily unharmed had awoken my sense of humor and I was now seeing the highly humorous side to the whole situation. So I rushed off to the bathroom still laughing and put my whole head in the sink and washed the paint out of my hair.

Without any other excuse to put off returning to the scene of the crime I slowly crept back to the armoire. Not wanting to put my face under there again I grabbed my phone, turned it on camera and shoved it under the piece and took a few happy snaps to confirm my suspicion.


armoire 2

There is a huge fuzzy 8 legged creature under there!! At this point with the knowledge that the hairy beast had practically danced on my face, I wasted no time in grabbing the surface spray and gave the whole underside of the armoire a dowsing… I am by no means brave enough to coax the creature out and put it outside. I don’t like killing anything but if it is in my home and dangerous it has to go…. AND THIS IS WHAT FELL OUT!!

armoire 3

A huge half painted very nasty looking spider … I have had nightmares about this moment for a long time since!! So the only option now was to document the whole thing and send it to everyone I knew, telling them of my very own horror story. It didn’t frighten away my smile however and here I am wet hair and all ready to get back to painting.

armoire 4

And that is the best of the drama!! The rest of the piece was smooth sailing. The paint went on beautifully and in no time I was hand painting all the lovely carvings in white using a very small brush and a steady hand which was rather miraculous after the big fright earlier. I painted the inside of the cabinet in a mauve based grey to break it up and add some more dimension and we were done with the painting side.

armoire 5

With the painting all done, I left the piece to dry overnight. I will never cease to be amazed at the difference paint makes, the piece was already looking absolutely fantastic.

The next day I waxed the body of the piece with a hard setting clear wax and then gave it a great work over with dark wax. Dark wax to this piece was like the cream on the cake, it really gave the paint work depth, toned it down and gave it that subtle antiqued feel, it is my absolutely favourite step and for me this is where the real magic happens.

armoire 6

armoire 7

Just look at the detail and dimension the dark wax has picked up!! If you want to read more about the dark wax I use you can do so HERE…

And here is the finished piece … what a transformation!!

armoire 12

Just look at the details..

armoire 10

Those beautiful feet!!

armoire 11

Before the paint went on I was not a fan of the handles but now that she is painted the handles and the hinges add the perfect amount of warmth.

armoire 9

And here she is in all her glory … my absolute favourite transformation of the year! Such a pleasure to work on and a thrilling result. She reminds me of the wardrobe from beauty and the beast!!

armoire 8

This one found her new home straight away and who would doubt it with her new french chateau inspired feel!!

Adriana 🙂 x



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  1. Is she purchased? And if not, what price is she? 🙂
    Yvonne Benson

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