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With the last few days here in Ballarat it seems pretty undisputed that winter is well on its way. I know a lot of people really dread the coming of winter and when you live in Ballarat with its seemingly personal cloud of drizzle, wind that feels like its blown in straight from the south pole and the endless grey the coming winter months can seem a bit bleak to say the least.

I have to admit that I am a cold fish and really do not enjoy the chill. In the past the thought of winter was enough to send me into a very dull mood but while I find myself silently mourning the passing of summer and autumn I have decided not to let winter get the better of me. I think it is high time that I pull the good out of this mini ice age we experience called winter and to focus on the positives that it brings along. I admit that this is challenging for someone who relishes as much time as she can get outdoors yet I have decided to shift my focus. Rather than feel trapped indoors why not allow the changing weather to create a shift in focus from outside to in and use winter as the perfect excuse to make your home and your indoor space comfy cozy and inviting.


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With the distraction of spring gardening and the summer breeze long past its high time for me to focus on what is inside my home rather than what is outside. And as I shift my focus I silently find myself noticing and dare I say it, relishing some of the perks that only winter brings … at this point you may be suspecting that I have gotten frost bite of the brain but winter does have its perks… Like socks and a warm doona, soft knit jumpers and big warm scarves, overcoats and boots.. I really enjoy winter fashion!! Aside from that if you are lucky enough to have a wood heater in your home there really is nothing like warming your tootsies in front of some crackling flames or roasting some chestnuts and enjoying them with a glass of red curled up with a good book by the fire … sounding better?

And since you are going to be spending more time indoors use it as a chance to take a long hard look inside and see if there are things you want to change or introduce to transform your living space into a cozy inviting place to spend time either alone or with people you love. I find that during winter time I really notice what furniture I have in my home. Winter may be the perfect excuse to get that nice sideboard you have been eyeing off .. or to incorporate some new decor or styling into your existing scheme. A good excuse to change things up and make the place functional and attractive. This doesn’t require throwing out all your current decor and going on a shopping spree, you will be amazed what a little bit of rearranging can do or one or two new additions. Or dig out some of those winter goodies that were packed away in preparation for summer.

With the coming of winter I find myself looking for cozy throws, I notice the pillows on my couch (or the lack there of). I find myself burning yummy scented candles and rearranging the side table to contain a lamp and some interesting reading material. I notice the free standing bath in the bathroom and I bring out the winter bath robes and the Epsom Salts in preparation for long soaks in the tub. I use it a a great excuse to change my bedding to flannelette and fluff the big doona out onto the bed. And when you have to get out in the yard don’t let the mud put you off, this year I am determined to get a pair of brightly coloured gumboots and actually use them!

My 4 Favourite Winter Tips for the Home


Add Warmth & Texture with Layers:

By adding a combination of soft woolen throws an assortment of different sized and shaped cushions and adding a floor rug in if required, the combination makes for a cozy, luxurious & comfortable room. Layering with a mix of fabrics and textiles creates interest and that soft inviting feel.

Ambient Lighting:

We all know how dull winter can be and the large stretches of grey skies can be enough to bring on the winter blues. By adding ambient lighting through table lamps and standing lamps and even candles burning you will be amazed how much of a difference it will make. Not only brightening up your space but adding a warm glow really can help improve the ‘mood’ of a room (and those in it).

Be Practical:

You don’t have to spend a fortune on new decor and don’t rush out and buy on impulse. Plan your space, look at your current furnishings and dig out what you already have and use them as a base. Then you can add in what is missing or what you feel you would really like to change. Remember you home is going to be lived in over winter and so you need to make it functional, so as pretty as something may look in a magazine make sure it will work for you and your home before rushing out to purchase it.


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Bring Nature In:

As tempting as it may be to stare out the window and dream of spring flowers don’t feel that you can’t incorporate natural objects in the home. A wire basket beside the wood heater with some unusual looking logs, a bird nest under a cloche on the side table, cuttings off the citrus tress look fabulous in bowls or even vases. Don’t underestimate the power of some green inside. Some leafy foliage from outside arranged nicely in a vase or even some greenery from the florist can help breath life and nature back into your enclosed space over winter. And don’t forget about cane and wicker ware, a beautiful vintage bakers basket to hold your throws or a cane crate for shoes etc all add something natural and tactile inside.


So rather than than get the winter blues, I am going to try and get cozy and embrace the opportunity winter provides to make my home the perfect place to curl up on a rainy afternoon. I will let you know how it goes when I thaw out in spring 😛


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