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Transforming a giant wardrobe!

Sometimes I find myself taking on some projects that in hind sight may have been slightly very ambitious. Most of the time these are the projects that test my resolve and vision but generally they end up being some of my proudest works and the projects that have improved both my skills and my patience in many ways.

So when my husband sent me a picture of this ENORMOUS wardrobe and asked if I wanted him to put a deposit on it, my sensible side said ‘too big and too heavy and how the heck are you going to move it?’ on the other hand my creative and dreaming side said ‘Heck YES!’ .. I will leave it up to you to imagine which response I went with 🙂


I was super excited and when the time came to collect this beauty I marched in with a bounce in my step, my sleeves rolled up and my muscles ready for action. Superwoman full of energy and confidence. I grabbed one half of the wardrobe and my very doubtful husband not wanting to burst my bubble grabbed the other side.. ‘One .. Two … Three … LIFT!’ … Yeah right! The piece didn’t even budge.. ‘AGAIN’ I shouted as if my second wind of strength would miraculously appear and I would bench press the entire piece above my head … this time I came very close to giving myself a hernia and i turned a rather scary shade of purple. Yep, this piece was about as heavy as an elephant and was not about to be moved any time soon by us mere humans.

Thank goodness for my patient and problem solving partner in crime, while he stood and stared at the piece silent as the grave, I (assuming he was having a moment of body and brain separation from the effort of trying to lift the wardrobe) started audibly brain storming many scenarios in which we might move the beastly piece, most completely unrealistic… one possibly involving the use of a crane. All of a sudden my husband broke out into a broad grin… I stared at him feeling at this point both worried and guilty, sure that he now was suffering from a mental breakdown that I had brought upon him by making him trudge after me and attempt to lift a piece of furniture that in hindsight would need an army to move. ‘It comes apart’ he pronounced very proud of himself as I stared at him (my mouth hanging open) and then at the wardrobe, now marveling at his silent genius. And so it did. The wardrobe came apart in 4 sections both still ridiculously heavy but this time manageable. And before we knew it we had the elephant in the room loaded and safely on its way home.

I wanted this piece to become a display for my shop and I knew some brain storming and creative planing was in order. So we sat down and discussed all the possibilities for transformation and finally we settled on this design.


Yes this is the same piece. We removed the pair of main doors to open the body of the wardrobe up for shelving, removing the hanging rods and adding the shelves in. We also removed the central panels in the end door to open up this part of the wardrobe. We added a decorative applique and some edging/molding to tidy up and frame in the display area and hiding the marks from where the doors used to be. I painted the inside a lovely mauve based grey and the outside in a soft very french light sagey green. I did apply dark wax to the entire piece and here she is completely transformed and our very own custom shop display.

Now this masterpiece was not achieved in an afternoon or even a weekend. Many hours were spent remodeling and many more painting .. not to mention the elbow grease required to wax such a huge surface area and then wax it again with antiquing wax. This piece tested our imaginations, skills and my patience, but boy oh boy did she pay off.

Cushion display

How amazing does she look here all stocked up with our beautiful selection of Country Style linen cushions and colourful quilted shabby throws? Just perfection and we couldn’t be more thrilled!!

Adriana 🙂 x


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  1. Hi Adriana – What a transformation, love your chosen palette and wow! what a partner. I particularly wanted to mention how much I was drawn to and love, the lighting nook that you created. I hope you sell every cushion and throw 10 times over for the effort. An inspired follower, Jo

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