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A Primitive Pine Sideboard

I love primitive, depression era and old farmhouse furniture. It shows its age and has so much character and history about it. Lately I have been obsessing over depression era pieces such as old jelly cupboards and worn hutches.. I do confess that my obsessing has led to spending a few to many hours pouring over Pinterest but in my searches I did come across these outstanding pieces that I just had to share..

Green Primitive Hutch

First up is this AMAZING MIND BLOWING BEAUTIFUL primitive hutch from My Rustic Farmhouse Blogspot .. this piece has stolen my heart, it is just aged perfection!! I don’t know if I have seen a more amazing primitive piece but this one is my new favorite.

Green Primitive Hutch 2

Is this piece not the most awesome old rustic treasure .. and just look at all that beautiful ironstone. What an inspiring piece to have in your home. If this were mine, I could never let it go EVER!! So amazing.

Next up is this giant Jelly Cupboard found on Pinterest… everything in this picture is beautiful but that Jelly Cupboard steals the show for me!!

Jelly Cupboard














If you are on the lookout for something like this .. I found this 19th century painted Jelly Cupboard on that looks awesome..
Jelly Cupboard2
And last but not least is this adorable chippy farmhouse desk and cabinet (and chair) also from Pinterest .. I would love this sitting under my front porch 🙂

rustic desk

I think that is enough eye candy to get you inspired! If you want to continue browsing amazing pictures then you can check out my Pinterest boards HERE

Well this brings me to a piece that I finished a few months back but never got around to sharing. I actually feel a bit scared to share it after all that beauty above but I guess each piece is special in it’s own way.

shield front sideboard

Enter this dilapidated old shield front pine sideboard. This beauty is old and worn in all the right ways (minus the grime) and must have quite a long history behind her. The gentleman I bought this off had it sitting in the back of his shed for years, and before that it sat in his fathers shed for years and before that it was his grandfathers and so on and so forth. If you are feeling a sense of de ja vu then don’t worry, you aren’t imagining things. This old beauty bears a remarkable resemblance and story to another pine shield front sideboard / dresser that I painted a year or so ago that you can read about HERE.

I wasn’t put off by the grime, the warped wood or the imperfections. I knew my clever hubby could fix any structural issues and I was ready to embrace all the rest by breathing new life into this poor old treasure with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. The colours I chose are Galvanised a lovely soft grey and Flour Sack a warm white. No bond would be needed on this piece.

pine sideboard

The transformation of these kind of pieces never ceases to thrill me. Its amazing how letting the piece have a say in how it turns out by embracing its imperfections and staying true to its character leads to great results. The paint chipped subtly in all the right spots and I chose to finish it off with a wipe on satin polly acrylic and then highlight all the character with a antiquing glaze.

And here is the finished result!

pic 9

I love warming up painted pieces with wood and tactile natural textures. Plus I do have a thing for old cheese and bread boards and spud mashers too.

pic 1

The scales are beautiful and one of my lucky scores at a local antique fair.

pic 2

And how breathtaking is that clock!!?? … but more on that next time 🙂

Adriana xo

NOTE: This piece is for sale and can be viewed in our shop or online HERE






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  1. oh my word! No words, actually LOTS of words. LOL…not only did you finish that small cabinet off like serious pro, but you brought it to life! The other finds are just incredible. I spend my time scouring everywhere for finds like yours, but have very little luck! Can I ask you a question please? At the moment, I’m busy painting a very old sideboard/cabinet that has 2 small doors like the one you painted, and 2 cracks down the middle-ish of both. It looks like yours has cracks too, but they look amazing! (sorry if they aren’t). I was worried that the cracks in mine would ruin the look, but after seeing yours, I’m super inspired and no longer worried. Do you think I’m being too pedantic about cracks in the old wood down the 2 small doors in front? I was going to try and hide them but that’s almost impossible! Any advice? They look exactly like your 2 small doors in the front of your dresser. Thanks for any advice you can give me, truly appreciated. x x

    • Hey there, thank you so much for your comment and compliments. I personally like to embrace the imperfections of each piece, I feel it helps to keep the character and stay true to the piece I am painting. As long as the cracks aren’t huge I personally wouldn’t worry about them at all and would paint right over them 🙂 .. hope this is helpful and please share a picture of your finished piece xx

      • Hi, thanks so much for your advice. Yes, I’ll send a pic. it’s rather a large cabinet, so it’s taking a while, but I’ll defo send you a pic. I’m oohing and aahing about colours on this one due to it’s very strange shape. It’s from the 1920’s, and it’s Dutch, so it’s very UN ordinary, and needs an interesting colour mix. Normally, I don’t have a problem with my colours, but this baby has me baffled! I hope I turn out a good piece. I love how you do yours, just love love them, you’re an inspiration. p.s. I scour your pics to steal ideas LOL, hope you don’t mind x x x

      • Oh some pieces are sooo challenging colour wise!! And it doesn’t help when there are endless colour choices either 🙂 .. aww thank you so much for your compliments thats very kind!!

  2. My grandma is so fond of such stuffs like this, and the cupboard you just shared here looked like the one she owns. Though in a different color but still looks great. I must let her see this article so that she’ll know that there’s someone who shares the same favorite as hers. Thanks for sharing!

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