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The Perfect Potting Bench

For a long time I have been dying to get the chance to paint and makeover a potting bench. I can safely say that Pinterest is to blame for my latest obsession and after spending too many a few hours searching all things potting benches I knew that it would have to be top of my list of furniture finds. It would be nice to say that I went out the next day and found the perfect old potting bench but it rarely happens that way. After a few months of patiently waiting I finally stumbled across the sweetest old solid wood bench. It was super unusual with its center drawer and cupboard space underneath and it had so much character. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew that it would be perfect as a potting bench and that I had to take it home. So I did!!

Here is how she looked when I brought it home.

potting bench 2

potting bench 3

Super cute already but a little dark and lacking some life. I knew that this piece had to be rustic and have amazing patina so it was a no-brainer for me that I would be using Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. My favourite colour at the moment is Pantry Door, it is the most delicious shade of vintage green, slightly minty but not a loud colour at all. I wanted the piece to have lots of distressed detail and with the wood being so old a porous I knew that the milk paint would soak right in and probably not chip at all. So the first thing I did after cleaning the piece down was to give it a light coat over the areas to be painted with some clear brush on polly top coat. It doesn’t really matter what brand I just grabbed an old tin that had a little left and brushed it all over the areas I wanted to paint. I didn’t do a heavy coat and I only did the one coat.

After letting it dry, I mixed my paint up in a cheap bullet blender. This is by far the best and easiest way to mix milk paint in my opinion. The paint comes out so creamy and no lumps at all. Just make sure that you pour your mixed paint out into a jar or cup and wash your blender out straight away so that no paint dries in it.

I got to painting straight away. 2 thick coats is all it took and being a hot day it didn’t take long at all. I decided to break it up a bit by painting the drawer in Window Pane which is a bone white and my favourite white Milk Paint. After the piece dried, I used a spatula to scrape any loose chippy paint off and gave it a light rub over with sand paper. The top I sanded back to raw wood and gave it a good coat of hemp oil and sealed it with a natural rub on oil wax. I used a hard setting solvent wax over the painted areas in a mixture of clear and dark … and here is how she came up!

potting bench 4

potting bench1

The old worn wood on the top just added so much life and warmth to the piece and the milk paint came up perfectly chippy and so rustic. Although my intention is to style this piece as a potting bench you could really use it for whatever you liked. It could be a change table, a craft table or even a feature piece for the kitchen. You could create your own pigeon holes to sit on top or leave it bare, your imagination is the limit here!

I decided to run with the potting bench theme and I used old fruit boxes and crates stacked on top of each other to create a rustic looking pigeon hole style shelving to display all the rustic garden and potting themed goods.

Potting Bench

I am so thrilled with how it looks in the shop, it really is the perfect little potting bench. It is for sale and looking for its new home. This piece really is so special and would be a standout in any home or garden area!!

FOR SALE – Rustic Farmhouse Potting Bench – $495.00

A beautiful and functional original piece that has had a little bit of a face lift with milk paint and hemp oils!! Complete with utensil drawer and cupboard space. We have dressed the top up by creating our own pigeon holes with vintage fruit crates (as pictured above) but it looks just as lovely without (pictured below). Unique and only for sale at Rustic Boutique $495.00 (price is for the furniture item only and does not include utensils, decor or props) – DIMENSIONS: Dimensions: 720 mm deep x 1050 mm long x 780 mm tall




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