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New Shop Display & Vintage Goodies

We are back from holidays and what a time the past 3 weeks have been. Between the large bush fires that raged through our area and the evacuations it has been a very stressful time to say the least. Sadly my dads home that I grew up in for 18 years was burned to the ground and the neighbors homes also. Fortunately no people lost their lives and although many sentimental and personal belongings and many animals were tragically lost to the fires, the amount of generosity and support from the community for those affected has been very humbling and touching to say the least. I want to say a huge thank you to Yellow Rose Beauty in Buninyong for the $150.00 donation for my dad and his tenant Isaac who lost all their belongings and home. Also a massive thank you to the Monique and the Websters Girls who donated $200 and others who donated clothing and items. They have been very much appreciated by both Isaac and my dad and I can’t tell you all how much it has meant to me 🙂

Among all the madness we did manage to get away for a short but much needed break and on my travels I was able to collect some fresh vintage goodies for the shop. Some of these treasures have come all the way from Briagolong near Sale Victoria. Last night Adrian and myself set about putting together a new display shelf made from vintage ladders and reclaimed timber to show off all our new bits and bobs.

shop display

The combination of the old beaten up green ladders with the reclaimed timber looks very rustic industrial and gives the shop a really nice open feel despite the extra space taken up.

Shop Display 3

Isn’t that aluminium lunch box just the sweetest!! I have a major soft spot for jelly moulds and have been putting together such a cute little collection of stainless steel, aluminium, anodized and glass moulds. I have a few more glass moulds to add from home that I have doubles of (yes I have my own collection at home).

Shop Display 2

( check out the cute guy behind the counter hehe)

I have also been collecting some gorgeous country style vintage Ironstone in white, pale pink and blue. I managed to get my hot lil mitts on some tureens in great condition and some matching jugs and platters. It was very hard not to take them home ..


shop display 7

shop display 5

I am really loving how it has all come together and all the sweet lil pieces on my new display. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a slight lump in my throat when some of the pieces sell but its great to see them go on to new homes and bring someone else some joy.

shop display 4

So come on in and say hello and have a browse through some of our wonderful new treasures. And stay tuned for lots more to come!!

Adriana Xx


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