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All the goss from opening day!!

I can’t believe it has already been a fortnight since our grand shop opening day!! Time has flown and it has been a bit of a wonderful whirlwind of a time. I could spend weeks typing about all the preparation planing and plain old hard work that has gone into getting this shop dream of mine an up and running reality. I really couldn’t have done it without the love and support of those around me. First and foremost my beautiful husband – you are my best friend biggest fan and most loyal supporter without your constant encouragement, support and 24/7  help none of this would be possible. My mum, sisters and mum-in-law who spent hours tirelessly sorting cleaning and tagging items, staying with me till well into the night preparing, bringing me food, hot drinks and lots of love!! My Sis and Bro in-law who took some time out to bring a camera and take some pictures for me. And my friends (you know who you are) who gave up their weekends, their skills and time, their shed space and brought out dinner and drinks to us when we were setting up you are all just the best!!

Now that I have gotten the soppy part over a done with lets jump straight into the fun part … the shop!!

Opening day was a blast, so many wonderful and smiling faces made the trip out to pop in and show their support, some familiar and some new, it was so nice to see you all!! I was blown away by the wonderful feedback and community support. And everyone was raving about the beautiful building that I am so lucky to be able to set up shop in. There really is too much to share in one post so rather than writing about it, let me share some snaps of the shop with you!!

shop 1

A view on the way inside!!

The shop counter is my absolute pride and joy!! I just love it so much, despite the fact that it is the heaviest piece of furniture I have ever had the pleasure of moving and I hope to never have to move it again!! It just fits in so beautifully 🙂

shop counter

shop counter

This giant display piece is a re-purposed wardrobe that my husband and I created together, its the perfect size to display our linens and quilted throws and cushions in. And that jar light just brings it to life!!

upcycled wardrobe display piece


This giant work bench was a labour of love and definitely takes out the trophy for being the second heaviest piece in the shop. It is just full of rustic charm and character tho and the perfect piece to display our hand poured soaps, rustic decor, vintage and home wares and luxury candles!!

soap soap

Our potting section is a lot of fun!!

Potting Bench


The building has the most divine exposed brick work


The lights just look great with it all



My husband does all of the wood working and he made this oversize reclaimed wood clock!


These candles were poured into vintage laboratory bottles..


And we finally have all our milk paints and plenty of Websters Chalk Paint Powder in stock!!


I have so many photos, its hard to choose which to share but I will leave you with one more picture

shop chair

We have some more stock arriving any day so please check back for updates or pop in and say hello.

Thank you to all the lovely people out there who have supported my little business thus far!!

Adriana x

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