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2 Days till the Grand Shop Opening!!

I can barely believe it as I am typing but there is only 2 days till our grand shop opening!!

I have no idea where the time has flown between my last post and now but it has definitely flown and I am left wishing there was an extra week or so in between now and Saturday so that I can paint a few extra pieces and do some more organizing and planing. On the other hand I have been planning for this moment for so long now that it actually feels a bit exciting and a bit scary and kind of surreal. I have been busily planing and working from early mornings late into the night trying to pull everything together and create the wonderful things I have envisaged in my mind in our sweet little rustic space.

The lovely landlord has spent so much time and care in making the building shine and I couldn’t be more appreciative of all the hard work that has gone into restoring this beautiful building.

shop front 1

The shop front is looking fantastic!! I love the exposed brick work and the new colour scheme. It fits in perfectly with the sign we had made up for the front … and just wait till you see inside!!!

shop front 3

Tomorrow I will be taking some final loads of stock to the shop and then it will be tagging styling and decorating galore!!! If you are able I would be thrilled to see you there on opening day. Please come along and have a look through our wonderful little shop filled with lots of treasures and vintage charm.

I look forward to meeting you all … Adriana xx

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