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The Moodiest of Blues with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

I thought I would stop in to share with you a quick chair transformation that I did recently. I have a few of these antique Polish made Bentwood style chairs with the sweetest wood panels with an indented pattern/design. The very first one I painted was in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Mustard Seed Yellow … It was the very first time I had EVER used milk paint and thinking about that and looking at how far I have come with milk paint and how much I love it makes me smile.

miss mustard seed milk paint

It was really a no brainer that for this chair I would use milk paint, except this time I used Sweet Pickins Milk Paint which I both love and stock. I immediately settled on Moody Blue which has to be my favourite blue at the moment. The title is perfectly fitting as the tone of this blue is so chameleon like, it almost seems changeable depending on the lighting and what colours are around it, I guess it really is moody!

As per usual I love the thick smooth creaminess of Sweet Pickins Milk paint and the great coverage. It took 2 coats and dried in no time. I decided to rub some dark wax over it which gave it so much warmth!!

Moody Blue Sweet Pickins Chair

Just look at those beautiful panels!!

Moody Blue Sweet Pickins Chair

I know that its a chair … something you sit on, but I just couldn’t help doing a little styling and dressing it up a bit for some pictures…

milk paint moody blue

milk paint moody blue sweet pickins

What do you think of moody blue??

Adriana xx

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