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A Custom Tea Trolley Transformation

It has been icy cold here of late so I have really been relishing any chance I have had to be inside in front of my wood heater. I have said it before but there really is no warmth like that from a wood heater … the glow of the warm coals, the crackling flames, it makes me want to drink red wine and toast chestnuts (and sometimes I do just that)!! So after looking at the weather forecast this week I jumped at the chance to work on a custom piece for a lovely client of mine which was small enough to paint on a sheet inside in front of the wood heaters warmth.

The custom piece they wanted refinished was a old and slightly worn tea trolley which was structurally sound and well made but had some wear and was in definite need of an update.

Tea trolley

This piece lives in my clients holiday house and needed a freshen up to match the brighter scheme of the room its going in, and that’s where I come in 🙂 …

First things first!! I ALWAYS prep my pieces, I don’t care if the paint your using says ‘NO PREP’ in my opinion you must ALWAYS prep your piece to get a consistent and quality finish. I started (outdoors) by giving the piece a good scuff up all over with a 120 grit sand paper, then I sanded all the finish off the top back to bare wood so that I can be re-stained to break the piece up and add some warmth and texture. Then I wiped the piece down with TSP/Sugar Soap Wipes and dried it off. Finally the indoor part, I decided to paint this piece using Fusion Paints & Products. I wanted a durable hard wearing finish so I painted the entire piece in a solid coat of the Fusion Bond product, it acts as a primer giving the paint a surface that it can really grip to, then I left it to cure for 12 hrs. After that I painted 2 thin coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in ‘Champlain’ and left it another 12 hrs and followed that up by another 2 thin coats. I stained the top using a Minwax stain called ‘Early American’ and left it dry/cure over night. After that all that was left was to lightly distress, wax and seal the top with a clear coat. I used a beeswax blend to wax the body and used Cabots Water Based Satin Polly-urethane to seal the top. I gave the top 5 coats lightly sanding with a 320 grit paper and allowing 2 hrs between coats, and this is the finished product…

Vintage upcycled tea trolley fusion paint

I love how the Fusion paint catches the light, the colours have such a nice glow about them even the neutrals …

Vintage Painted Tea Trolley

The top came up great and really adds so much warmth, I love it!!

upcycled vintage furniture

Fusion Mineral Paint Upcycled tea trolley

I am really impressed with how this old girl scrubbed up, it really is amazing what a little love and some paint can do!!

Adriana xx

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