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The Sweetest Vintage Frame!!

Vintage Frames!! Its very rare that I pass up the opportunity to get my hot lil mitts on vintage frames of all shapes and sizes and this beauty was no exception.

vintage frame

As you can see I wasted no time slapping some milk paint onto this gold baby. I used full strength ratio of extra bond in my paint as the surface (as you can see) is very glossy. You only have to use the bond in the first coat 🙂

vintage frame

Frames with this kind of detail are my favourite kind, they come up so well painted. The carvings are perfect to highlight and feature using dry brushing and dark wax!!


I painted the frame in ‘Flour Sack’ and used a dry brushing technique with ‘Ocean’ and ‘Flour Sack’ and once dry I gave it a good rub over with some clear and dark wax!!


Oh what a difference the waxing step makes!!

vintage frame milk paint sweet pickins

Just soooooo pretty…

vintage frame wedding hire

I have decided for now to put this lil beauty toward our event hire .. I think i like it empty! Wouldn’t it look awesome as a frame to hold up with your face behind for photo staging or even just a prop for decor…?!!

vintage frame sweet pickins wedding and event hire

Have you painted any frames lately?

Adriana x

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  1. Hi, am liking this and may just pinch the process for a large frame I want to put a chalkboard in. 😉 thanks for the how to!

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