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Our first Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Worshop

As some of you are probably aware a few weeks ago we had our first ever Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Workshop. I must admit that I was super excited to run this particular class. I have a real affinity with milk paint and its becoming a bit of an obsession!! So I was thrilled and honored to be able to introduce this AMAZING paint to my wonderful students, some who had traveled a fair bit of ground to make it.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

For this particular workshop the students were provided with 4 different colour options and a raw wood stool to transform.

We ran through the milk paint basics and essentials and then got to the hands on part of mixing and painting. All the students chose to go with a colour layer look with a ‘resist’ in between colours. The very plain stools were transformed from boring to bright and fun.

I must admit that whilst prepping for the class I actually put together and painted a stool (which will be very handy at home) as an example piece and it turned out super sweet!!

sweet pickins milk paint stool

I layered ‘Pantry Door’ over ‘Artichoke’ (i have a thing for the green shades) using a resist in places between the layers and then after distressing I sealed it with Black Lustre Wax.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Stool

Super cute, super effective and super handy. I did stain my steps (which we don’t have time to do in class) but my students had the option of leaving them unpainted to stain at home later, to use wax as a stain or to paint them and/or number them with a numbering stencil from Barley Corn Vintage Stencils that we stock.

I have to say that the class was a ball, I am not sure if it was being in front of the crackling fire, having scones with jam and cream for afternoon break or the great bunch I had (most likely all of the above) but it felt so laid back and fun that I can’t wait for the next class. Not to mention that both myself and the students were rapt with the results …

Here are a few finished stools…

sweet pickins milk paint stool ocean and lantern

This stool has pride of place on the front veranda …

sweet pickins milk paint stool ocean lantern

I just love how the numbers break the piece up visually and really make the steps pop…

We will be hosting another workshop in August, I can’t wait. If you wish to book just click on our ‘Classes & Workshops’ tab and fill out the contact form or jump onto our FACEBOOK PAGE and register through our class event. I hope to see some of you there!!

Adriana x

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