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Transforming and old dresser for wedding hire with milk paint!

I must admit that I had to pinch myself when sitting down to write this as I couldn’t quite believe how long it has been since my last post!! I am so glad that I have made the time to do some blogging today as I have a very cool project that I’ve been dying to share with you.

A few months ago I decided to delve into the world of event and wedding hire and put together a unique collection of vintage props and china. Since then I have been tirelessly collecting bits and bobs to make it happen. I have to-date a growing collection of vintage china and some other exciting pieces to reveal very soon. But today I was bursting to share with you my first official upcycled furniture piece for hire.

vintage dresser

Ok, this piece (being a vintage dressing table) has been a while coming. I bought it at a garage sale some months ago and have being trying to decide what to do with it ever since. I did wonder at the time why a well made and lovely solid wood piece had sat unsold. It was however damaged in spots and so I decided that I would paint it. Over the months it sat unpainted I fell in love with its shape and was sad at the thought of selling it, so I came up with a solution that would allow me to ‘share’ its beauty without having to part with – HIRE IT OUT!!

That sorted, the rest was a breeze for me! I knew that I was going to paint this piece with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint, I wanted that authentic look that I feel only milk paint has. I chose to go with a warm white called ‘Flour Sack’ so as not to detract from the piece by making it loud or gaudy. I was excited too to try some new brushes that I had been given to trial. They are natural bristle brushes from ‘Chalk Pro’ and come in a variety of shapes/sizes. Today I chose to go with the medium round brush (top one in picture). As always I prepped my piece by giving it a light sand and a good wipe over with some sugar soap. Then I mixed the milk paint up to creamy goodness, just like a melted thick shake consistency, and got painting.

chalk pro natural bristle brush

The piece took 3 good solid coats and 1&1/2 pints of paint. I did add a little extra-bond to the paint as I didn’t want a very distressed look, but I probably only added half the recommended ratio. The ‘Chalk Pro’ brush was great to use, I loved it and will definitely be using it more often. I sanded the top of the dresser back to raw wood and made a custom rich dark stain which suited perfectly and followed that up by sealing it with 3 coats of Sweet Pickins oil wax leaving 12hrs between coats to cure.

My hubby did some snappy repairs for me which was very handy. The piece that sits on top of the dresser and holds the mirrors (not pictured above) had snapped, so he repaired it for me. We decided to ditch the mirrors as they were in poor shape and replace them with blackboard so that the piece could be personalized to suit whatever it will be hired for!! I also gave the piece some dimension with dark waxes and ageing dust. I just love how it adds so much warmth and character.

And here she is…..

vintage dresser for hire

I am thrilled with how this piece turned out, so vintage and so very pretty. The top came up sensational and really adds warmth and texture to the piece!

vintage wedding dresser

vintage props

The original hardware was in great shape so I just buffed it and re-used, gotta love it when that happens..

vintage dresser wedding hire candy buffet

I could just imagine how sweet this piece would look with a candy buffet on it. It would be absolute perfection as a display station and feature for a wedding cake or dessert bar or even as a drink station with a couple of giant drink jars with lemonade or punch… this piece makes my heart beat a little faster and my imagination run wild, it makes me want to jump on Pinterest …. I might just do that!!

Adriana x

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