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An Old Meat Safe and some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!

Meat safes have to been one of my favorite furniture finds, so you can imagine my excitement when I got my hands on this lil beauty..

The piece had some definite signs of use and ageing, not to mention that the previous owner had cut a rather large hole in the back so that they could use it as a DVD cupboard under their TV. But I wasn’t too fazed as the mesh had no damage which was the main thing as all the rest could be fixed.

meat safe

I decided for this piece that I wanted a really rustic heavily aged farm house feel with lots of detail, texture and dark wax.

I painted the piece in a heavy coat of Antibes Green Annie Sloan Chalk Paint manipulating the paint to make it crack and add layer and texture. I layered in some Chateau Grey and did some colour wash with it to add some more depth and dimension to the finish. I also distressed by rubbing, scraping, poking at the damp paint and sanding to make the piece look worn and like it has been around for a long time. Then I rubbed dark wax right into the surface with a little clear to bring out the detail and mute the colour so that it would look aged and faded.

Achieving the finish was time consuming and I worked in small sections at a time so that I would have better control over the finish. At times it was very intense and I had to have a break and do something else, but the finished result is always worth the effort.

rustic vintage meat safe

rustic farmhouse meat safe

The top I sanded back and finished with 2 coats of Linseed Oil and a coat of Sweet Pickins Oil Wax

rustic chalk paint finish

The dark wax really brings out all the awesome detail … and to fix the hole in the back my husband replaced the back with reclaimed wood. He also added a reclaimed wood shelf which I brought to life with some linseed oil.

reclaimed wood furniture

rustic meat safe reclaimed wood

I love the warmth the reclaimed wood adds the the piece and the linseed oil really brings out the natural detail and richness in the wood!!

meat safe rustic farmhouse

vintage farmhouse meat safe

This piece turned out just how I hoped rustic farmhouse vintage .. Perfect as a small larder in the kitchen, a liquor cupboard in the living room, a china cabinet in the dining room or even a towel cupboard in the bathroom. The limit is your imagination!!

Adriana x

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