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The right chair for the job!!

This afternoon I just wanted to share with you a sweet little transformation that I did a few weeks back.

Some friends of ours have been getting me to do up some of their furniture. I refinished an old desk for them and a lovely old dresser which you can read about HERE.

The desk that I refinished turned out super sweet … here it is

vintage desk milk paint

The only thing missing that they needed was a chair … it took me a while to find one that I thought would be the right size, shape and style but after some sifting through my storage container I found this lil beauty…

vintage chair milk paint sweet pickins

I gave the chair a light sand and a light spray with Zinsser Shelac. Then I painted the entire frame with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Galvanized. The seat I painted with Annie Sloan Milk Paint in Pure White, it took 3 coats and then I sealed the seat with Annie Sloan Clear Wax. The milk paint got super chippy so i rubbed back all the flaking paint with a sanding sponge and then sealed the entire piece with a hard setting stucco wax.

Here is how it turned out ๐Ÿ™‚

milk paint vintage chair

milk painted chair

The weather was too awful to take it over to my photo area so unfortunately I had to snap a few quick shots and rush it in before the rain hit…

vintage painted chair

I was so excited when I delivered the chair and it matched and fit the desk perfectly!! I just love transforming the old and unwanted to the re-loved it really is the best!!

Adriana x

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