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Get Your Colour On!!

I just wanted to take some time to share with you some pictures that shed a little light on the Sweet Pickins Milk Paint range. With 30 colours in the line and more to come it can be helpful to see the shades grouped into their ‘kinds’ so to speak.

This is the current up to date colour chart that Sausha from Sweet Pickins has just released showcasing the entire current colour range sorted into colour groups. Grouping colours can make it sooo much easier to choose the right shade for your project.

Color chart sweet pickins

Then Ryann from 13th Haven shared some awesome pictures that she took that singled out a few of the colour groups … Ryann has a great eye for style and colour and these photos are so nice (pop on over and visit her fantastic website) so I thought I would share some of them with you, THANK YOU RYANN.

sweet pickins whites

Whites/ Creams always tend to be popular in any paint range and Sweet Pickins shades are no exception, from true white to warm whites and buttery creams there is sure to be a white there for all of your projects. They also make great complimentary shades when paired with any of the stronger colours. Creamy and Artichoke pair like a dream, Flour Sack and Love Bug or Ol Blue and Window Pane. Don’t be afraid to pair your neutral of choice with a bold colour scheme.

Sweet Pickins Yellows

The yellows are authentic country colours. Curry is a true mustard yellow and Sun Flower is warm and bright without being loud and too poppy or retro. Love bug is soft washed out yellow perfection, a really muted happy yellow!!

sweet pickins greys

There are currently only 2 colours in the greys but they make up for it! Zinc is a super steely grey and can look blue grey or warm depending on the piece or the lighting and the finish you put over it. Galvanized is the perfect soft grey, it is one of my go to colours. If you wanted to have a warmer grey you could easily mix your own by combining Zinc with Creamy or Butter.

Sweet Pickins Reds

Red Wagon and Cherry Pie are the warm reds in the line, there is no fire engine loud red yet but it’s on the list of upcoming colours so don’t despair. Red Wagon is the softer of the two with Cherry Pie being the more Maroon / Burgundy shade.

sweet pickins greens

And here are the Greens!! Green is a fantastic alround colour not as warm as yellow or as cold as blue they are a great in between. Artichoke is my personal favourite, its warm without being too dark and can be softened by adding a little flour sack into it, giving you that great soft country green.

Pantry Door and Sweetie Jane are your Bluey Greens or Greenie Blues (which ever way you see it) haha … Pantry door to me is definitely leaning more on the green side and sweetie jane is an aqua-ish blue … so in otherwords they are perfect and definitely some of my best selling colours

blue green sweet pickins

And here are the BLUES!!!!

blue sweet pickins

I get super excited when I think of painting something blue, especially when there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from. Moody blue is super cool, it can be manipulated to look more greenish or more french by using dark wax or colour layering. Great all round blue perfection!!

AND …. Candy Bar and Suitcase are the more brown tone neutrals .. the beauty of these two colours is that they can be watered down with any of the neutrals to give you a variety of shades.

sweet pickins warm neutrals

There wasn’t any picture of the pinks/coral/oranges yet but I will be sure to do a post on those colours soon.

I hope that this post has given you a bit of a closer look and some insight  on some of the amazing colours in the sweet pickins line and made choosing the colour for your next project a little easier. Remember to go with your gut and choose something that not only works for the piece but works for you, neutrals are fantastic all rounders, in saying that tho don’t get stuck in a colour rut. Remember be a little courageous and add some colour to your day 🙂

Adriana x

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