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French Typography Nest of Tables Makeover

This sweet little set of nest tables was transformed with paint and some hand painted french typography .. They turned out so sweet, still love them!! If you want to learn more on these then follow this link for the full low down 😀

Rustic Boutique

Hello, I thought that I would jump online and write a quick post to share my latest project that I am very excited about.

A few months back my husband and I attended a deceased estate garage sale, we arrive there pretty late and of course there was AMAZING furniture there, but 99% was already sold. I seriously resisted the urge to burst into tears and began to distract myself by sifting through the remaining pile of odds and ends for sale. Long story short, I came across a set of dark brown old nest of tables, my husband said they were hideous and he didn’t want me to take them. I on the other hand thought that for their probable age they looked pretty good, so I grabbed them.

They came home and sat in my shed while I waited for inspiration on how to give them a new life and transform them…

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