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Transforming and Old Wardrobe Base with Milk Paint in Layla’s Mint

I just can’t get enough of Green at the moment, it’s a bit like Blue in that it has so many awesome shade variations and pairs perfectly with country farmhouse styles and furniture, heck it even blends together with blue to make aqua, turquoise etc.

A few months back we picked up this old wardrobe base, it has amazing old patina and aged detail and with is bumpy patchy exterior I knew that it would be the perfect candidate for a milk paint makeover. Adrian (my husband) used some old reclaimed pallet wood to make a top over the open section where the wardrobe top would sit on this old base.

rustic trunk

I had a bag of MMS Milk Paint in a lovely colour called Layla’s Mint and I was dying to try it out. So I mixed some up and got painting. I gave the piece 2 solid coats and then waited for the paint to dry and do its chippy magic. Once the surface was pretty much dry I took to it with a paint scraper to knock off all the loose flaking paint and give the surface a rustic aged finish. I also rubbed over the surface with a fine sand sponge to smooth it out. Then I rubbed it with a hard setting stucco wax to seal all the chippy in. Using an old paint brush I painted over the piece with Sweet Pickins dark wax to add to the aged look. I also used the dark wax to stain the pallet boards a lovely rich brown.

And here is the finished product…

rustic farmhouse trunk

Rustic Trunk Hallway Box

Just have a look at the amazing detail 😀

rustic milk paint trunk

rustic farmhouse milk paint

While I was at it I decided to update a rather sad and boring looking bread bin

Shabby Floral Bread Bin

I added  a few stencils to give it some extra detail

Shabby Floral Bread Bin

I am really loving the look of these two pieces together … and those Greens are just perfection!

rustic farmhouse milk paint floral

These little beauties are off to the shop so hopefully they find the perfect home 😀


Adriana x

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  1. Hi Adriana. I really liked your restored bread bin. A couple of questions: (1) Is it functional? (i.e. could you store bread in it in its new condition?); (2) is it for sale? Many thanks. Ross.

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