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A rustic dining table obsession and a milk paint makeover!

Dining tables, I really have a thing for them at the moment, especially the really rustic type that look like they have copped a barrage of use over the last 100 years … You know the ones I mean right? Ones like pictured below courtesy of pinterest…

Something like this…

farmhouse table

and even mini me versions like this

rustic table

and check out the patina on this one that has been converted into a vanity …


I think you know where I am coming from, the only problem is that tables that look like the ones above … ones that naturally have that amazing patina are about as rare as hens teeth or cost a pretty penny … so what do you do when you can find what you want? Make it.

This is where a sweet turned leg style farmhouse table comes into play. I had picked up a pretty plain but well made solid wood small farmhouse style table, the top had some obvious signs of use in the form of water marks, ink stains and scuffing, so to add to the already worn surface I decided to beat it up some more. I threw some heavy tools down on the table, and dragged them off and then sanded the entire table top back to make the wear and tear look more natural and not so fresh. I also needed to get rid of the finish that was on the top so that I could re-stain it. I chose to stain the top using a homemade concoction of Minwax stains in weathered oak and dark walnut which I brushed liberally over the entire table. Then I gave it a VERY light white wash and sealed with with wax….. Now all that was left was to paint the legs of the table. I knew that I wanted to use milk paint for this part as it has the unique chipping reaction to some pieces and my gut was telling me that it would work for this piece. I did aid that part by rubbing certain areas on the legs with a candle before painting to make sure I got a good amount of chipping. Then I went right ahead and painted the legs with 2 thick coats of milk paint. Don’t ask me what the colour is because I literally used up all my dregs from previously opened bags and came up with this stunning cottage blue….

And here it is, the finished product … With a bit of rustic charm and chippy goodness!!

rustic farmhouse table

Rustic Farmhouse table

The top came up beautifully 🙂

rustic chippy farmhouse table

And I love some awesome leg chipping!!

farmhouse table rustic

rustic farmhouse table

So there it is, a plain country style table transformed into a rustic farmhouse feature that would look gorgeous in the kitchen or dining area … and if you don’t want to make it … in this instance you can buy it as this beauty is for sale in our shop stall so check it out!!

Adriana 😀 x

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