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Have you tried Sweet Pickins Milk Paint yet?

sweet pickins milk paint australia

Sweet Pickins milk paint has become my new addiction. It has been growing over in America like no mans business and I am so thrilled to be the first retailer introducing this fantastic paint in Australia.

So it seems only fitting for me to list some of the things I love about Sweet Pickins milk paint:

When the paint first arrived I just fell in love with the logo and cute little brown paper packaging ….

swp Milk Paint Sweet Pickins Australia

When I was informed that the packaging was being updated and the labels redesigned I was skeptical to say the least as I already thought that they looked perfect …. But as per usual Sausha (the owner) at Sweet Pickins Furniture has the most fantastic eye for design and the new packaging blows my mind .. (photo of new packaging courtesy of Sweet Pickins Furniture)

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint (SWPMP) comes in the most amazing array of colours and with new colours being released almost monthly you are sure to find several shades that you are dying to try ….

SWPMP comes in a pigmented powered form and thus has an indefinite shelf life. It is super easy to mix and when mixed correctly gives you the smoothest creamiest mix in my opinion. Not only that but it is enviro and user safe with no VOC’s or harmful additives.

Milk paint gives you the most amazing finishes. From retro to vintage to rustic farmhouse, the possibilities with this versatile paint are endless. Milk paint is the only paint IMHO that gives you an authentic ‘chippy’ rustic finish and I love the randomness of the paint as it can be unpredictable and self distress providing you with the most natural aged patina. If you don’t want distressing don’t despair as you can add a bonding agent into your mix which gives you more control and there are plenty of tips and tricks to get a smooth un-chipped finish.

I really could keep listing the things I love about Milk Paint all day but I would suggest that you try it for yourself, it really is a unique product that when used correctly give the most beautiful vintage finishes I have seen … Let me share a few of my Sweet Pickins Milk Paint projects with you…

vintage desk milk paint

Pictured here is a desk painted in SWPMP in Galvinized and Flour Sack

Rustic Farmhouse Hutch Milk Paint

Or this hutch painted in Artichoke and Creamy…

But who better to feature than the owner herself … Sausha has done an amazing job with her paint line and her pieces are what inspired me to take on her paints, she never ceases to amaze me with her awesome styling and her painted finishes so I just have to share with you the lastest colour additions to the Sweet Pickins range in the form of some of my favourite projects by Sausha that I have seen on her blog / facebook page …

(The following pictures are courtesy of Sweet Pickins Furniture and have been painted by Sausha so all credit goes to her for the following pictures / finishes)

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

sweet pickins milk paint

sweet pickins milk paint

sweet pickins milk paint

sweet pickins milk paint

sweet pickins milk paint

If you are wanting to continue to feast your eyes on more pieces painted by Sausha then head on over to the Sweet Pickins Facebook Page

Or why not try creating your own Milk Paint masterpiece with one or more of the colours from Sweet Pickins range … You can pop into our shop stall or go to our shop online tab and grab a fantastic color for yourself!!

Adriana X

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  1. oh my gosh, now THIS is eye candy! what a stunning array of pics and I just love love the way you distress and age. I’m picking a few of your tricks (hope you don’t mind hehe). In my classes where I teach shabby chic, I’m always looking for new ideas, and this new packaging and products looks amazing! When will it hit the UK? or has it already don’t so? also, could I ask you a question about decoupage? could I cut out the modge podge and just use a glue that covers with no stain or residue?

    Love this post. Well done.
    Kind regards

    • Hi there, sorry for the delayed reply. As far as I am aware, Sweet Pickins hasn’t hit the UK yet 🙁 but you can always email Sweet Pickins and see if they will post to you… Also I often use clear drying PVA as a substitute for Decoupage glue when I run out … Hope this helps

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