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Transforming the Boring to the Beautiful – Decoupage Bedside Tables Chalk Emulsion Makeover

Well this is my second decoupage project and I can safely say that I am a bit addicted. After decoupaging a chest of drawers with the sweetest floral fabric (you can read about that HERE) I was really itching to do another project.

I dug through my storage container for some suitable candidates and came across a plain pair of bedside tables that had framed drawer fronts that would be ideal for a floral feature. It was a warm afternoon and I knew that the paint would dry super fast so it was time to get painting. I grabbed a tin of Porters Chalk Emulsion that I had in my stash in a very soft sage green and painted the drawers with 3 coats (2 coats is great coverage but I always like to go that extra coat).

I was lucky enough to have on hand some decoupage paper I had grabbed a few weeks earlier from the local craft store. The pattern was a soft pink floral with sage green highlights, how perfect is that!!

Next I painted the sunked drawer front panels with PVA glue and pressed the paper onto the surface, I used a flat spatula to press the paper into the corners, the paper was super fine and crinkled here and there, this actually looked really good, it made the surface look a bit more natural. I used the straight edge of the spatula to hold the paper into the corners and gently pulled the excess off leaving a nice straight edge.

Once I had decoupaged all the drawer fronts I waited for them to dry and then sealed the paper with a polly-acrylic. They looked sooooo nice, so I refitted the handles, waxed the paint to seal it and …….


Decoupage bespoke floral chalk paint bed side tables

decoupage bespoke floral chalk paint bedside tables

How perfect is that paper??

decoupage floral bespoke chalk paint bedside tables

This sweet set is off to our shop so don’t forget to check them out in person!!

decoupage floral bespoke bedside tables chalk paint

What are your thoughts on the floral?

Adriana 🙂 x

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  1. Oh wow!!!! How gorgeous are they!!!??? I absolutely just love them! Well done. They really are beautiful. One of my favourite colour combos is pink and green. Is there special paper for decoupage? I’ve never done it, but I certainly want to after seeing this!
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, that chest of drawers with the decoupage is absolutely beautiful.

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