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Floral Fabric Decoupage Chest of Drawers with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Decoupage!! The word thrills me and frightens me all at the same time. Decoupaging furniture can really transform a piece into something unique and beautiful but it can be tricky and time consuming.

I had been wanting to decoupage a piece for a long time but hadn’t found the right piece / inspiration. That is until i painted a sweet queen anne style chest of drawers in blue and the previous finish bled red stain through my paint YUK!! Normally stain bleed happens pretty soon after painting which is what threw me on this piece, I painted the piece and left it for 24hrs, then I finished it off with a coat of wax and left it till the next day … all was looking good and then the day after when I went to collect the piece from my work shop to take it to my retail space it was covered all over in stain bleed!! I really didn’t want to waste more time on this piece Β so I grabbed a tin of Annie Sloan emperors silk (red) chalk paint and painted over the whole piece. The only thing was now the piece really wasn’t doing much for me. It was boring and really needed to be jazzed up. So I decided to go to a local fabric shop and managed to find the most gorgeous floral cream fabric with red roses in the exact shade I needed.

So I measured, cut, glued, waited, glued some more, trimmed, stapled, sealed edges and then re-waxed the painted surface and sealed the fabric surface and after a million many hours of work and a few of frustration I finally had the cutest little red floral decoupaged chest of drawers ever to be seen. I distressed the edges allowing the blue underneath to show through which looked AWESOME.

Floral Shabby Decoupage Chalk Paint Chest of Drawers

How pretty is that fabric!!

Floral Shabby Decoupage Chalk Paint Chest of Drawers

The handles looked a bit to poxy and bright so I toned them down with some dry brushing and gave them a wax with some pearlized wax πŸ™‚

Floral Shabby Decoupage Chalk Paint Chest of Drawers

I admit that getting the knack of decoupage is time consuming but like anything once you get the hang of it, it does become easier … and well worth the effort πŸ™‚

Floral Shabby Decoupage Chalk Paint Chest of Drawers

Have you decoupaged anything lately? If not I hope that this post just might inspire you to try.

This piece is currently for sale in our shop stall πŸ™‚

Adriana X

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  1. Hi,
    That looks so lovely! And what a great save! Can you elaborate on how you applied the fabric, please? May even give it a try on a set of drawers I have.
    Thanks so much,
    Liz (in Woonona Beach, NSW).

    • Hi Liz, thank you. The fabric was applied using Mod Podge decoupage glue (all purpose with the yellow label) … I measured the drawes and added about and inch all around per draw and cut the fabric. I applied glue to the drawer front and over the other side of the lip and smoothed the fabric on with an old plastic shop card. Then I stapled it down on the inside of the drawer with a upholstery staple gun. once the glue had set i trimmed the fabric and painted over it all with a good layer of glue. Then all that was left was to do was paint the inside of the drawers including over the fabric line on the inside. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

      • Thanks so much. Where did you buy your Mod Podge? I’m having trouble buying it locally so will have to do some online shopping. Do you think it’d work using any PVA glue, or is Mod Podge really special? Did you cover the edge of the fabric (inside the drawers) with any trim, or just leave it glued and stapled? I’m really looking forward to trying this! Thanks for replying! πŸ™‚

      • Any decoupage glue for all surfaces should work. I didn’t apply a trim however i did paint over the stapled section with the glue and let it dry then painted over it so that it was less noticeable πŸ™‚

  2. I have been dying to get my hands on some Annie Sloan paint! I love to decoupage but have never done actual furniture…. This is beautiful! You have inspired me😊

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