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Painting a shabby little cupboard with L’essentiels Pure Mineral Colour!!

Parcels!! I just love them because they usually contain all manner of exciting goodies that I have ordered. To many of you, receiving a parcel with paint in it may not be a reason to leap for joy … but to me it was OOOOOHHHH so exciting. Especially as this wonderful package contained a selection of sample pots for a brand new all Australian decorative furniture paint called ‘Pure Mineral Colour’  by L’essentiel … Yes this is the same supplier that makes the divine natural waxes and finishing products that I am always raving about, she has been working away for a very long time to make this paint range a reality and now that its finally happened I just had to get my hot little mitts on some sample pots!! L'essentiel Pure Mineral Colour Included in my bundle were a few limited edition colours … one of which I was dying to try. It is called ‘Grey Goose’ and is a duck egg blue type shade and its just lovely!! I cracked open the pot and stuck my finger right into the paint, sniffed it and then rubbed it on my hand. I know, I am a bit strange but I don’t hesitate rubbing any L’essentiel product on my skin as all her products a top grade 100% safe and natural so I knew it wouldn’t hurt or irritate my sensitive skin at all. Pure Mineral Colour

I decided to go with Grey Goose and another limited colour called Blanched Almond. I had the perfect candidate lined up and ready to paint, a very sweet little storage/display cupboard that I picked up from Maldon Fair last year who had been patiently waiting for a makeover.


Now for the painting part 😀 … as per usual I cleaned the piece down and had my brush and a tub of water on hand. I almost always start out by painting a very thin watered down coat as my first coat as I think the base coat lays the foundation for your finish and you want it to be nice and even and smooth. So I made sure that my brush was nice and wet so the first coat would be thinner and watered down and got painting.

pure mineral colour

This is one watered down coat, pretty darn good coverage don’t you think.

one coat

I only had to do 2 and 1/2 coats to get the coverage that I like :0) … the paint dried fast and sanded beautifully. It was super easy and effective to distress. I also like to go over my entire piece with a very fine grit sand paper to smooth out the surface. Then I applied a washed out faded vintage print of a woman using a mod podge transfer method and applied clear and dark wax all over. The paint soaks up the wax which gives the colour wonderful depth.

And here is the finished piece

shabby chic vintage side table

I think this piece is so feminine and perfectly shabby

shabby vintage side cupboard

and don’t you just love the colour 😀

So what is L’essentiels Pure Mineral Colour. Well it is a decorative artisan quality mineral / clay based paint that is acrylic and VOC free meaning its is 100% safe eco friendly and natural even for allergy prone skin and people with asthma. It is perfect for use on furniture and requires little preparation, as you can see above and can also be used on canvas. It has no bad fumes or smell .. I think it smells like cosmetic face clay 😀 … You can water down either your first or your second coat or not water it down at all. Being highly pigmented means you can water down your paint without affecting constitution. You can also manipulate the paint to achieve a variety of finishes and results.

The paint comes in a great range of colours, the full colour chart is still being finalized but here is a sneak peak at some of the colours that it comes in, also showing the paint waxed on each half of the display boards!

L'essentiel pure mineral paint colours

I’m sure you will love this paint as much as I do. I love that it is an all natural high quality Australian made and owned product and the colour range is great, so much choice. I am looking forward to trying more of the colours and playing with it more in the weeks to come so stay tuned!WP_20141031_003

Adriana X

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