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Websters Paint Powder Workshop Success – The finished masterpiece!!

I just love getting feed back from customers and clients, especially those who have attended our paint workshops and are putting what they learnt into practise at home!!

A week or so ago I wrote a post about one of my lovely paint class students Yvonne who undertook what I thought was quite an ambitious task for her first project. She powered through the paint class with her bedside table and finished the other one off at home, when she sent me the pics of the finished pieces I was soooo proud … you can read all about it HERE and see the great results she achieved.

Well just a few nights ago I got another email from Yvonne telling me that she had finished her full bedroom suite now, including the bed (she had even been sleeping on a mattress on the floor so that she could refinish her bed, now that’s dedication)… I am absolutely blown away by her results, she has done FANTASTIC and her newly refinished bedroom suite looks GORGEOUS!!!shabby chic bedroom suite

shabby chic

This bedroom is so sweet and shabby chic now!!

shabby chic bedroom

What a great job Yvonne!! I can’t wait to see what else you paint 😀

Adriana x

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