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A very old rustic farmhouse kitchen sideboard chalk paint makeover

I just love rustic and will literally jump for joy when i find an old battered piece that has natural rustic charm.

A while ago whilst attending a shed clearing sale my husband stumbled across a VERY old VERY VERY rustic Kauri pine kitchen sideboard. Rustic may be a bit of an understatement on this piece, this piece puts the R into rustic!! Despite the noticeable age of the piece and its worn state, the piece looked ready for the scrap heap pretty dilapidated. In fact I wasn’t sure if we decided to take it that it would survive the trip home!!

The guy wanted way to much for it at first, considering that if I sneezed near it, it would probably collapse. But after pointing that out to him, he finally agreed to take what we were offering. This poor piece was in need of A LOT of love and my hubby and I finally got around to giving it some much needed attention.

rustic kitchen sideboard

First of all we treated the piece for borer as it had at one stage been mauled by the horrible pests, I’m not fazed by the borer damage at all, in fact I think the marks actually make the piece look super rustic and old. I just wanted to make sure that none of the horrid pests were still around so my hubby bought the pesticide to treat borer and gave the piece a major soaking. We left the piece outside under the pergola for a week to air out as the treatment stinks.

Once that was done, my hubby got to making lots of structural repairs and bracing the piece. He knocked out the side panels and replaced them with wire mesh with a wood trim. Many hours were spent nailing the piece back together and giving it support. I was really grateful and happy with the way it came up. I the piece is still clearly VERY old and needs to be treated / handled delicately or it will ruin but with care it is fully useable!


rustic sideboard

Now for my part. The top was all stained and worn and I loved the look. Rather than sand it back I just decided to brush some stain over it. Once I had done that, I rubbed the entire top with L’essentiels white wax to give it a limed faded out look. I made sure to push the wax into all the holes and crevices to highlight all the detail and age of the piece.

white wax

Next I grabbed my brush and some Annie Sloan chalk paint in Arles (yellow) and Old Ochre (beige cream).

Alternating between dipping my brush in each colour I painted the entire piece, highlighting the shield front doors and knobs in the lighter colour. Then I waxed the entire piece with clear and dark wax to bring out all the interesting marks and rustic detail of the wood. For a piece that I thought would have to been thrown out I am blown away with how amazing it looks. Without all the battering and damage it has had over the years it wouldn’t have come up like this. I wouldn’t recommend infesting a piece with borer to get this effect but if you do come across a piece that has had or does have it in it, just remember with some love and the right treatment it can be transformed into an absolute treasure!!

rustic farmhouse kitchen sideboard dresser chalk paint

rustic farmhouse kitchen sideboard dresser chalk paint

This piece has such a warm rustic farmhouse feel about it, and its super dooper old. With a bit gentle handling this piece is sure to be a great feature for many years to come.

rustic farmhouse kitchen sideboard dresser chalk paint

rustic farmhouse

I just love playing around with styling, especially when its rustic pieces 😀

rustic farmhouse kitchen sideboard dresser chalk paint


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