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A very special Rustic Frame and a Magical Proposal

Rustic frames!! Don’t you just love them?!! I must admit that I am a bit obsessed with frames, especially ones with ornate carving and detail. They have so many uses, from framing stunning pictures (like these in my home)

shabby chic house and decor

to making bathroom mirrors just that little bit fancy

Rustic Upcycled Bathroom Vanity Chalk Paint

or pop a blackboard in it and use it as a kitchen menu board or message board 

rustic ornate chalk board

I love to paint up frames and re-purpose them, most I part with, but there are just some that I fall in love with and want to keep …. ENTER … this gorgeous aged frame that I painted up … 

DIY vintage frame shabby chic high tea tea bag display

As soon as it was finished I knew that I wanted to keep it, I used it as a tea display at my high tea, then it sat as part of a gorgeous vignette in my room …. and finally I took it with me to my shop to use as a prop for advertising our paint workshops and classes ….

paint class, rustic boutique, shabby chic, vintage, upcycled

It was here at my shop that it caught the eye of a shopper who approached me asking if the frame was for sale … My immediate response was sorry but no as I love it too much … he looked pretty disappointed and I did feel a smidge guilty but I just felt I couldn’t part with it …. then he asked me if it would make any difference if he told me that he was planning on using the frame to propose to his girlfriend!! OK, truth be told, that made all the difference!! I am a romantic at heart and when I heard that and saw the hopeful look on the guys face I just knew I was going to sell it. So I did and he was thrilled and I was happy and a little sad but I knew it was going to serve an awesome purpose. The guy was soooo thankful and promised to let me know how it all goes ….

Nearly a week passed and I have to admit I wasn’t really expecting to hear anything and then last night I got the most AMAZING message on my phone … it read ” Hi Adriana, thank you so much for the picture frame it turned out working perfectly and she said YES” … I nearly fell off the couch with excitement, he had even attached pictures which I was given permission to share … so here they are….

rustic boutique wedding decor

There is the frame hanging in the tree with ‘will you marry me’ on it … SWOON!!! The set up is just awesome, truly romantic. Look at the love heart bunting in the trees, the picture display, the awesome rustic trunk full of snow with MOET champagne …This guy is seriously classy and how could you say no to that!! 

Rustic Boutique Wedding decor

This made my week!! It is such a beautiful story and I am so happy for the newly engaged couple, it just looks perfect and they both look so happy. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Aidan and Kirrily, I am absolutely thrilled for you both and wish you all the happiness for your future together!!

A massive shout out and thank you for not only letting me know but sharing with me the pictures of your special day 😀

Who knew this little frame would have such an amazing story behind it!! I have to say that I am even more in love with frames than ever!! And it looks like the love bug might just have caught on 😉

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  1. Oh thank you Adriana for not only selling your beloved frame to Aidan but that lovely article. The frame sits in our room and I love it so much and for so many reasons. Kindest regards Kirrily

    • Thank you so much for your message 🙂 It is so nice to hear from you and I can’t even explain how excited I was for you both when I received those beautiful pictures!! I am so happy that sweet lil frame could serve such a special purpose and be such a precious reminder of something so happy. Congrats to you both!! x

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