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An Old Cedar Sideboards Transformation – Lucketts Green

Morning all!! I just had to share a quick post on my latest masterpiece!! In fact its going to be hard impossible keeping this post brief as the piece that I am about to share has just taken no. 1 spot in my heart as my favourite furniture project so far!! So let me get sharing 😀

This post is bound to be laden with many pictures, so be warned!!

A few months ago I won this beauty at an antique auction..


As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew I was in love … not only was it cedar but the piece had such unique carving and such a worn old battered look about it that I knew it would come up great with a bit of love. I swear I did not breath the entire bidding session on this piece, I must have been turning blue due to lack of oxygen and the hand holding my bidders number was shaking with anticipation… So I guess I looked scary enough to frighten off most of the people around me haha (wishful thinking).. Long story short, after a brief bidding war that felt like an eternity, I won!!!

I knew straight away what I wanted to do with this piece,  but it had some structural work that needed doing before I could get my paint brush out and this is where my trust hubby comes in. The back of the piece was ply and in bad shape so we ripped it off and tossed it. I wanted the back of this piece to look nice so that it could be used as an island bench or in the middle of a room if necessary so we lined the back section with pine lining boards. We didn’t board the entire section at the back, the panels behind the side shelving we decided to use a wire mesh to give it a farm house feel. For the smashed drawer on the front we converted that space into a wine rack / bottle holder. The top was also thin ply and had some nasty marks so we decided to line the top with reclaimed pallet wood to add to the rustic farmhouse feel I was going for.

reclaimed timber top

Because the previous finish on the piece had mostly come off and the wood was really washed out looking, I decided to run a darker stain over all the exposed wooden areas and the back pine boards. I stained the reclaimed top with a Minwax stain called ‘early american’ its a gorgeous shade!

staining reclaimed wood

The staining process is super easy, using the sponge applicator you wipe the stain on and let it sit for a few minutes (you can be pretty generous with the stain) ..

minwax staining reclaimed timber

Then wipe the residual stain off with a rag (or in this case old monkey pajamas)

staining reclaimed timber


After this I sprayed the entire piece (apart from the top) with Zinser Shelac .. Because the wood was porous and would soak up my milk paint I wouldn’t be able to get any lovely chippy distressing. By spraying the areas to be painted with 2 coats of shelac it gave me a surface that was sealed and thus would be more likely to resist the paint in areas!

After letting that dry, I mixed up an entire quart of Lucketts Green Milk Paint (Miss Mustard Seeds) and painted approximately 3 coats over the entire piece. I chose to highlight the door panels and some raised carving with Linen milk paint to give it some depth and contrast. Once the piece had fully dried I used a smooth butter knife to ‘knock’ the paint that was loose off in areas.

I sealed the entire piece using L’essentiels natural beeswax polish and used their dark wax to highlight certain areas. If you haven’t tried L’essentiels then I suggest you do 🙂

We carted the piece out side for some pictures …. and …..

Just look at this beauty … rustic farmhouse perfection complete with my first ironstone find and all!!

Rustic Country Side Board Island Bench Lucketts Green


Here is a shot of the back so that you can see the wire / mesh better and the lovely pine boards

lucketts green country farmhouse sideboard

reclaimed timber top sideboard lucketts green

There is seriously some amazing patina and character to this piece so here are some close ups

rustic chippy sideboard

I love the old painted layer and the stained wood peeping through

chippy milk paint finish


Chippy milk paint lucketts green

This piece has the perfect ‘chippy’ finish and check out the crackle happening in the pic below

crackle effect with milk paint

Reclaimed wood timber top

The reclaimed pallet wood comes up so well stained with all its knots and grain and the different ways it takes the stain … and just one more pic …

vintage decor pianola rolls

How could I leave these beauties out?? They are vintage pianola rolls and they make the sweetest decorations, I just love them!!

This piece is for sale at our retail space so feel free to go have a look at it in the flesh, I promise it won’t disappoint!!






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