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Counting Down to Opening Day – One week to go!!

I can’t believe that it is only one week till our shop opening day!! It has been a lot of work and preparation and there is still plenty more to go but I just wanted to share with you some things we have been working on in the shop and also some awesome products and services we will have available from our new retails space.

Just in case you haven’t heard we are opening up a retail space on the 19th of this month (July) in a full self contained shop stall in the Amazing Mill Market Ballarat. Our shop number is 484 and we have been working super hard to get things ready and looking schmick. Here are some of our achievements so far:



Thanks to the help of my lovely mum-in-law, family friend Debbie and my wonderful hubby we got busy doing a different kind of painting than I am used to and managed to paint the entire shop!

I chose a lovely soft grey for the side walls of the shop and for the feature walls I chose a lovely aqua green colour!



Cutting in is the slow part!


As you can tell I am pretty comfortable (and happy) paint brush in hand

WP_20140628_018 .. WP_20140628_028 … WP_20140628_025

I am just in love with the greeny colour it is just such a happy colour.



I decided to paint the raised panel on the back wall in chalk board enamel paint! The stuff really stinks but it dried pretty fast and is hard wearing.


I wrote on the board with chalk pens .. they are so much easier to use than chalk and dry super bright!


There is still plenty of space to fill in on the board which is great coz I have a lot more I wanna put up there 😀



Today my hubby, his bro who just conveniently happens to be an electrician and myself went on the hunt to make some pendant jar lights for the display windows in the shop. I had some very cool vintage Agee jars on hand and with a bit of searching and some clever creating on the part of the boys, this is what we came up with..

Vintage Jar Light ..

I really want some of these in my house!!



Old Rustic Door Sign

This old door was the perfect size for making my sign up for my shop front



The old door gone sign is a perfect feature



My hubby got this awesome old door off Gumtree for $25!! What a bargain!!

Old Rustic Door Shelving

And its perfect to fill the hole/doorway and be converted into shelving!!

Old door and cast iron shelving

I found these rusty old cast iron brackets in my mums yard, I had tucked them into the garden shed for safe keeping and then the hubby suggested we use them for shelving, isn’t he clever!!

So there you have it!! Some sneak peaks from the shop, there is SOOOOO much more that we have been working on but I will share them with you another night … plus stay tuned for some sneak peak at some new stock for the shop 😀




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