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The Thrill of the Find – Finding the Perfect Piece & Catching the Upcycling Bug

Are you a bargain hunter? Do you lie awake at night dreaming about the bargains out there to be found? Do garage sales, thrift shops and general trash piles on the nature strip make your heart miss a beat?  Ok, so you might not be as obsessed as me but I do warn you, the upcycling bug is easily caught and highly addictive. I am speaking from personal experience here!! Just over a year ago I practically owned no furniture apart from my handed down bed and a dining table I bought off my older sister. Now I have a fully furnished house (perhaps a little over furnished but in my defence my home is only 1 bedroom and small and cosy) a shipping container bursting at the seams, an old van used as makeshift storage full of furniture, my mum’s back pergola full of pieces and a borrowed van full of upcycled pieces waiting to go to my new retail space. Sometimes I wonder how I got in so deep but do I regret it? NO WAY!!

Rustic Boutique

Upcycling for me is not just a passion, it is an obsession and a hobby and my job, how cool is that … right??!! Unearthing my passion and talent for reloving and repurposing old furniture has been like unleashing a hurricane, there is no stopping it haha. So why is upcycling so great? Well let me share what I find so great about learning to relove the unloved:

  • Upcycling is environmentally friendly

Every time you upcycled something or buy something that has been upcycled you have potentially saved that piece from becoming land fill. It can be so easy to throw something out and buy new pieces but it’s not always necessary or the enviro friendly option. Before you throw it see if you can reinvent it, some of the most boring pieces can be transformed into awesome features with a bit of imagination and love.

  • Upcycling can save you money

Upcycling can save you some major pennies. By scouring yard sales, thrift shops, eBay etc you can find some amazing pieces for even more amazing prices. If you source the right piece for the right price and use the right products you are in line for a major penny saving. Even if you don’t upcycle yourself, check out some of the mind blowing pieces out there for sale. If you compare the prices of some of these gorgeous upcycled pieces to the prices you pay in shops and boutiques for the equivalent, you are generally making a pretty good saving!

  • Upcycled pieces are unique

When you go with a reloved piece it is pretty much guaranteed to be unique. These pieces are sourced from all over the place and hand painted with the creative talent and individual eye of the person painting it. So you are not only getting hand painted artisan quality products but you are getting something that most likely no one else has

  • Upcycling supports home grown small business and talent

Most of the upcyclers I have met are small business people working from home. These people often work a ‘day’ job, care for their families and then put their precious spare minutes into their creative repurposing work. Buying from them supports local business, realises their talent and feeds their families so it really is money well spent.

  • Upcycling is fun

If you are creatively minded, I can’t even describe to you how much fun it is to hunt out and plan your upcycling projects. From sourcing the piece and refinishing products, to choosing colours, painting it and then seeing it in use and decorated. It really is great fun!

These are only a few things I love about what I do! If you are a fellow upcycler then you can probably relate to these points, if you haven’t looked into it before then I highly encourage you to consider buying upcycled or to try it yourself. You might just be amazed at what you find out there!!


Happy creating people 😀

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  1. Hi,I totally understand what you are talkin about.I too am obsessed with re-creating new look furniture. I have nearly caused crashes when I spot some furniture on the side of the road.I have even dreamt about council clean ups.LOL.I have turned my passion into a business and even opened a store.Life is good 🙂

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