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An Antique Jacobean Auto Trolleys Quaint Vintage Makeover with Milk Paint

I am really loving milk paint at the moment and am constantly on the look out for pieces that would look great with a milk paint makeover! That’s where this little baby comes into the picture.

antique oak Jacobean auto trolley

I picked up this sweet antique jacobean oak auto trolley at an antique auction not long ago. I was immediately taken by the pieces unique look and its lovely detail and carving. Someone else had obviously started their own makeover but given up!!

I knew that the wood on this piece would be the perfect candidate for milk paint!

I chose to go with 3 of the miss mustard seeds milk paint colours – Trophy, French Enamel and Linen.

Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint

To mix up my milk paint I always make sure I have a jug of water, spoon, my mini mixer and a jar on hand.


I know some people get a bit frightened when it comes to mixing milk paint but if you follow these simple steps you shouldn’t have any trouble:


mixing milk paint


mixing milk paint

I knew I wanted to mix up just under half a jar of my first colour (Trophy), so i added a little water to the jar first then a nice round tablespoon of milk paint powder and whizzed it with my mini mixer till smooth. You want your mix a little bit thicker to start with so that you have a smooth mix, then you can gradually water it down. From here I adjusted my ratios to create more paint eg. add some more powder and water till you get the amount and consistency you like. I prefer my mix to be like a thin crepe batter consistency, maybe a touch runnier.


Let the mix sit for 5 minutes so that all the lovely colour pigments have a chance to dissolve and then whizz your mix again. At this point you may find the mix has thickened slightly and you can add a lil more water! If the mix is very foamy/frothy just let it sit again for a min or two then stir and you should be right to go.


I chose not to add any bonding agent into my paint as the wood on my piece was quite porous and matte so I knew the paint would stick really well. I always make sure I have a jar of fresh water on hand to refresh my brush in.

I painted the entire piece in a base coat of trophy. The first coat generally looks pretty ugly but don’t stress it will look better with the next coat.

This is two coats..

WP_20140619_016 milk paint trophy WP_20140619_019

To take advantage of the details and add some life to the piece I painted the top and carved trim along the front in linen and the side panels in french enamel.

Here is a progress shot

milk painted furniture

I painted over the shelves with chalk paint first for adhesion and then with trophy milk paint. I waxed them straight with dark wax to darken and stain the paint. The rest of the piece I waxed with L’essentiels clear wax and then dark to add dimension and we were done!!

milk painted antique upcycled vintage furniture

milk painted antique upcycled vintage furniture

milk painted antique upcycled vintage furniture

I just love the dimension dark wax adds to the surface

milk painted antique upcycled vintage furniture

This little beauty would be perfect as a display cupboard for vintage crockery, books or even a quaint lil liquor cabinet. For sale online now only at Rustic Boutique!!


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