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We are opening a shop!!

We are opening a shop / retail space … you read it right baby!! After a long time of waiting and searching for the perfect opportunity we finally found one in the form of the Amazing Ballarat Mill Market. Why didn’t I think of it sooner you may ask. Well to be honest I had looked into the Mill Market previously and there were only stall spaces available, after A LOT of thought I had decided that an open stall would not be practical for me as I want lots of creative license to my space and also had been planing to run workshops.

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About 2 weeks ago that all changed. I was approached by the owner of the Mill Markets at an antique and vintage fair where I had a stall set up, and he encouraged me to look into the Mill and consider the possibility of a stall. So I decided to go back and check it out again. This time was not much different, I was certain one stall space would be too small and 2 would be good but not quite what I was looking for. And then I came across the unique shop stalls and one just happened to be coming up for lease!! So I jumped at it and my waiting paid off because I got the space!!!!

To say I am excited is an understatement .. I was so wired that I didn’t sleep for 4 nights! Then the panic hit that I only have a month to paint and organize decorations and signage and stock and not to mention GET PAINTING, and this is where I am at now. Organizing like mad, painting like mad and dreaming of opening day!! Why are the shop stalls so special you may ask?? Where do I start!?!

Well for starters I am in my own self contained room with power points, lighting and a small bench/sink. This is ideal for running workshops as we have a place to wash brushes/hands etc.

The room is approx 5 X 8 (this is my pacing it out so don’t quote me on that) so there is a good amount of floor space plus out the front of the room there is a display area also.

I can paint the room whatever colour I like and can build shelving partition walls and hang lighting. I can also make a shop name sign that will be hung out the front of my space.

The Mill is open 7 days a week from 10am – 6pm 364 days of the year!

I could go on but then there would be no stopping me.

Our opening day is set for the 19th July 2014. We are having a macaron giveaway so feel free to pop in and grab one, say hi and have a browse. From our space we will be showcasing our gorgeous hand painted furniture and also have a selection of  hand-made decor / crafts. Not to mention that we will be running paint workshops (the dates will be listed in our space) with inquiry forms that can be filled out. We also are the Ballarat stockist of Websters Chalk Paint Powder and will be selling full size and sample bags from our space along with a lovely line of finishing products that are all natural by the talented L’essentiels. We also have some more gorgeous furniture paints coming on board and are hoping to be retailing them by the end of August!!

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We have such big plans and are literally bursting with excitement (and nerves) for the great and exciting things ahead!! Please mark it in your calendar and come down for our opening day, we would love to meet you and share with you our excitement at the opening of our very first retail space and the unique treasures that Rustic Boutique has to offer.

JULY 19th 2014 – STALL 484 Grand Opening RUSTIC BOUTIQUE

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