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Rustic Boutique – Ballarat Stockist of Websters Chalk Paint Powder!!

Have you tried Websters Chalk Paint Powder?

If not, well here is your chance. I am super duper exited to announce (insert trumpets) that I am officially the Ballarat Stockist of Websters Chalk Paint Powder!!


What is Websters Chalk Paint Powder you may ask!?

Here is what the official website has to say about it….

What in the world is chalk paint powder?

… and why on earth would I want to use it?

Websters Chalk Paint Powder™ was created to answer our need for affordable chalk paint. Months and months of research went into creating a product that could be added to regular latex paint ~any brand, any color. We were trying to create a product that would eliminate the need for most sanding and priming. We wanted a paint that STUCK beautifully yet sanded smooth. We wanted a durable surface that was also “soft”. We wanted a healthy, all natural alternative to the home made recipes for chalk paint we were reading about. We developed Websters Chalk Paint Powder™! We are very proud of Websters and are looking forward to sharing our posts with you! – END QUOTE


You read it right my friends!! You can add Websters Chalk Paint Powder into ANY acrylic / latex paint to transform it into a wonderful chalky top quality furniture grade paint with minimal surface prep required! That means endless colour possibilities! If you have left over paint lying around you can transform it simply by adding Websters. Or if you want to try out some new and fresh colours why not pop over to Masters or Bunnings and grab a sample pot in your colour of choice. If you are simply experimenting then don’t be too fussed on buying top grade paint. However if you are going to paint a very much loved piece of furniture and want a high quality finish I would recommend a paint such as Valspar (I am not getting paid to say this or affiliated with Valspar in any way, I just love their product and colour range). Valspar paints are paint and primer in one and have been used in conjunction with Websters with great results, plus just take a look at their colour range HERE.

Take a look at a few pieces that I have used Websters on with great success..

Shabby Chic 'Nest' Coffee Table

The top coat of this piece was a sample pot of a buttery yellow paint I had on hand and mixed up using Websters Powder.

And this piece is painted entirely (excluding the graphic) using sample pots of British paint with Websters added!!

French Vintage Upcycled Coffee Table Grain Sack Style French Vintage Upcycled Coffee Table Grain Sack Style French Vintage Upcycled Coffee Table Grain Sack Style

If after reading this post you are dying to get your hot little mitts on some of this amazing product then fret no more. As of the 19th of July 2014 we will be selling Webster Chalk Paint Powder in full size and sample size bags from our retail space shop/stall 484 – The Amazing Mill Market Ballarat! To compliment this amazing product we will also be selling a gorgeous all natural range of finishing products by L’essentiel – including a range of waxes (beeswax polish in clear, lustre, dark, white, black lustre, peacock) as well as wax pucks for paint layering techniques, brush soaps and ageing dusts for a lovely antiqued effect.


We are also running 2 workshops in August (Sat 9th and 23rd) where we will be teaching people the basics of using this wonderful product. (to find out more about the workshops or to make a booking please click on our Classes/Workshops tab on our page menu)

So there it is! An exciting new product with so much potential at an affordable price with endless colour options… Keep your eye on this page as I will be featuring more Websters transformations very soon 😀 X


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  1. I am on Geelong and currently use AS paint. What is the sample size powder in terms of gms and $$. Can I use it with Bristol/British Paints etc? I also want to buy $17 round brush for applying dark wax. Thanks

    • Hi Gabrielle, Sorry I don’t know why but i seemed to have missed this comment. The sample size websters is $9 a bag and will do 1 cup of paint. Which should cover a small side table etc. We are currently sold out of the wax brushes but will be getting more in around march . Hope this helps. Adriana 🙂

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