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Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Antique Arm Chair Transformation

Chairs… I just love them! From industrial bar stools to rustic mismatched kitchen chairs to french arm chairs and wing back masterpieces. They come in so handy and make great statement pieces. Place an opulent armchair in the corner of your bedroom as an eye catching feature or include a unique rustic chair in the bathroom next to a claw foot bath (sigh).

My chair collection some how seems to increase each week much to my husbands frustration joy! So I thought it was time to chose one lucky candidate for a makeover. After some digging in my storage space, I pulled out this beauty, a solid antique black wood arm chair. I spotted this baby a few months back looking very dusty but divinely rustic. I knew that with a little lovin this piece would come up spectacular.


The finish on this piece was completely worn back in places and quite patchy so I knew that it would make the perfect candidate for some MMSMP (Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint). I chose to go with milk paint because I felt that it would compliment the aged charm of the piece without loosing its naturally worn and aged feel.  I knew that the milk paint would soak into the worn back areas and chip off the areas that still had some finish on them, creating fantastic rustic detail. The chair actually was seat-less when I got it, but I modified this seat from an old chair I was tossing out to fit!!

I chose to go with  the colour ‘Trophy’ which is described by Miss Mustard Seed herself as ‘a warm, rich gray with yellow undertones… a truer gray reminiscent of tarnished silver found on antique trophies’. Doesn’t it just sound perfect!?!

For this piece I mixed approximately 3 rounded tablespoons of the Milk Paint Powder with 4 table spoons of water. Using the little MMS stick mixer I blended/buzzed it till smooth a frothy.

The coats went on really easily and dried fast. It took about 4 coats to get the finish I was after. Make sure you let each coat dry really well as this will give you a better finish. To distress the piece I grabbed a plastic paint scraper and then rubbed it over the areas that I could see the paint lifting or flaking off. I hit other areas of the wood that had a bumpy uneven surface to add more distressed detail and let the lovely old character of the wood shine through. Once I was happy with the amount of chippy finish I lightly rubbed over the piece with a fine grit sanding sponge and then using the fantastic L’essentiel’s beeswax polish I sealed the paint. The polish added a gorgeous sheen to the piece and great protection to the surface and smells like french pear, you can’t beat that!! I rubbed a small amount of dark wax over in places to accentuate some of the aged patina just to finish it off.


Now for recovering the seat! I had on hand some lovely linen fabric with a french typography style print. So I cut the fabric to size, pulled it over the seat and securely stapled it down. I always add a finishing piece of fabric to the bottom of the seat to hide the ends of the seat cover fabric and staples. And here is the finished piece…

Rustic Vintage Arm Chair Milk Paint Trophy

Rustic Vintage Arm Chair Milk Paint Trophy


Just look at that wonderful chippy distressing!!!

Rustic Vintage Arm Chair Milk Paint Trophy

This gorgeous piece is now for sale on our ETSY shop, so check it out!!



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