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Custom Paint Job on a Sewing Room Hutch – Blackbird Lane Design Part 2

I am so excited to share this custom job with you. The lovely talented Clare from  Blackbird Lane Designs commissioned me to make over two large pieces as part of her business sewing studio. If you haven’t read part one (the Desk Hutch Makeover) then don’t stress you can catch up on it HERE 😀 So this is the second piece as part of this rather large makeover project. I have to say that I had a lot of fun transforming these pieces and working on this project for Clare. Not only is Clare lovely and a pleasure to work for but her pieces were great and planing out their transformation with her was really exciting. There are few things I love more than taking something drab and giving it new life and making it bright, fresh and beautiful. So enough of my blabber … here is a before shot of the ‘Monster Hutch’ as I like to call it!


This baby may not look like it but she weighs as much as a small elephant .. Lifting it was backbreaking lots of fun. But we managed to get in my work zone set up and ready for a work over.  I wiped the piece down all over and then painted the majority of the piece in Annie Sloan Louis Blue Chalk Paint. It took approximately 3 and a half (on my final coat I really water down the paint to smooth out the finish, I class this as a “half coat”) coats to get a nice opaque paint finish. I painted the sunken door panels and the back of the piece in a mixture of Old White and Old Ochre (3 parts to 1 as mentioned in part one post). The lighter colour takes more coats to get a nice solid finish, this one took 5 coats. Once the piece has dried I sanded it all over with a fine grit sanding sponge and distressed the pieces on the edges to give it a nice lightly worn rustic look. Now for the marathon task of waxing.


As usual I opted for the lovely L’essentiel’s clear wax. This piece was no waxing walk in the park, its HUGE and was an elbow and backbreaking feat due to the sheer surface size. Lucky I had the lovely L’essentiel wax as it goes on easily and smells great!! This time I decided to try out L’essentiel’s dark wax. It was my first time using this brand of dark wax and I have to say that it is really user friendly and lovely to work with!   I know a lot of people get frightened by dark wax but I really recommend giving this dark wax a try. It is so easy to use, goes on great and doesn’t make your piece look ‘grimy’ which can be a mistake a lot of people make with other dark waxes due to inexperience, bad technique or even a poor quality product. The dark wax is natural with no solvent base and tinted with natural clay’s and pigments. It went on great and gave the piece beautiful depth and texture.

Louis Blue Chalk Paint

All that was left to do after that was fit the new handles and stand back and take a good look. What a beauty this piece is super cool!!      

sewing room hutch Louis Blue Chalk Paint


sewing room hutch Louis Blue Chalk Paint

Here are some shots of both pieces in the sewing studio all set up and ready for use 😀

rustic sewing desk chalk paint

vintage sewing room hutch and desk


I just love the look of this room now, I think that Clare has done an amazing job styling them and they make the room look so much brighter and very shabby!!

If you would like to have one of your pieces custom painted then please contact us for a quote 😀



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