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A Very Shabby Chic Vintage Style High Tea Party

High tea …. The stuff girly dreams are made of!!! Ever since I began my vintage china addiction, I knew that one day a high tea would be on the cards. I have to say I am usually not the type to opt for a tea party in my free time, in fact most of my ‘me’ time is spent in my riding boots and trackies riding my horse or walking the dogs or painting. Even as a kid I would trade dress ups and dolls for an afternoon spent wading through ponds, ditches and mud catching tadpoles and if I was very lucky a frog.

I guess every once in a while we have to hang up our riding boots and get a little girly, and that’s just what I did for one whole afternoon. I actually have to admit that I had been planing this very girly tea party in my head for a long time. Hours were spent on pinterest feasting my eyes on gorgeous pictures of shabby tea parties, dainty cakes and ruffled linen tablecloths. So Sunday just past, I decided to bite the bullet and give in to my daydreaming and throw a high tea party. I even sent out pretty invitations!!

Well Saturday was spent madly baking in preparation for Sundays extravaganza. I must admit that my European genes came in to play and I did go a tad overboard with the amount of food I prepared. For the sweets I made mini pavlovas, mini pistachio and raspberry white choc cheese cakes, mini lemon meringue tarts (I even made the lemon curd from scratch), red velvet cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, giant yo-yo biscuits, a pink lemon icing ombre sponge cake tower and a deliciously gooey (a tad too gooey) caramel slice …. not to mention some cucumber rings with dip, pink french lemonade, strawberries and cream and then what others brought… a jelly slice cake, a large assortment of wonderful sandwiches, biscuits, scones, friands and if I list any more I risk sounding gluttonous …. but not glutinous as EVERYTHING was gluten free to cater for me being Coeliac!!


Vintage shabby chic high tea


This is a shot mid setting up .. beware I got very snap happy and this post is LOADED with photos

Shabby chic high tea ombre cake


This is my very girly pink ombre cake (well the outside at least) a shot of the inside is down further

high tea party

shabby chic high tea vignette shabby chic high tea vignette flowers shabby chic high tea party1 Shabby chic high tea party straws

and here is the table with more cakes on it (if that is possible)

shabby chic high tea party and cakes


The inside of the ombre cake 😀

pink ombre shabby chic cake high tea


The shabby vintage frame gone tea bag display was a huge hit

DIY vintage frame shabby chic high tea tea bag display

All of this for a grand total of 15 people, eeeek!! Well in my defense, my house is very small, in fact its tiny so squeezing 15 people in was a big deal!! Here are some shots of my tiny but wonderful house …

high tea shabby party

this is a pic of my lounge room window and two gorgeous framed prints I bought that fit perfectly

shabby chic house and decor


and my gorgeous lamp … and this stunning print that will be for sale at my next stall

vintage shabby home decor


The afternoon was a great success and there was a lot of food left over so everyone was sent home with a bundle of goodies … and the rest went into the freezer (and some in my tummy no doubt)

shabby chic tea party my home decor



The cleaning up is never the fun bit so I have left some of the decorations set up as I recover from the baking and clean up (still more cleaning to do) … I really loved how the party turned out, I think it looked fantastic and I really did enjoy seeing my lovely tea set being used and all my plates and cake stands on display. I loved taking the opportunity to take lots of pics too as these things always go sooooo fast. I hope that my photos might just inspire you for your own vintage high tea or shabby party because sometimes you just have to get a little girly 🙂


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