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The Perfect Shabby Chic French Vintage Tea Trolley Transformation

Hi all 🙂

How many of you out there love gorgeous tea trolleys (also known as auto trays)? Well I am not sure about you, but since I developed the addiction of collecting vintage china it seemed only logical that next on my list would be sourcing and upcycling a vintage tea trolley.

I had a fair idea of what I was after in my head … It had to be elegant and dainty, have great lines and detail, be old and full of character, it also had to be affordable! So with that list it was no wonder that I didn’t find anything for quite some time haha. In fact I had almost given up on the idea when one day my husband came home with a ‘surprise’ for me. Yep you guessed it, a TEA TROLLEY … and not just any tea trolley, it ticked pretty much all of the boxes. It was beautifully made, had great lines and detail, wasn’t chunky or boring and was in great nick (minus the thick layer of bird crap on it) for its considerable age.

The piece looked as if it had been sitting in an old farm shed for a very long time, the wood was completely washed out looking and the entire piece had fossilized filth on it. It also sat slightly lopsided as if it had been sitting on uneven ground with something heavy on top of it! Well none of those things matter when you have a trusty and very handy hubby to clean the piece down for you and do a little fixing!!

Shabby Chic Vintage Tea Trolley Chalk Paint .. WP_20130925_001

I decided to go with base coast of old white and top coat in a dark rich navy for the legs and trimmings of this piece. I custom made the colour by mixing 2 parts Aubusson Blue (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) to 1 part graphite. For the tray areas I decided to use a layering and stippled effect with three colours – Old White, Paris Grey and Old Ochre.

I chose to add a vintage typography graphic from the wonderful graphics fairy’s collection. The graphic I chose is an old French Advertisement for Chocolate or Cacao, you can download it HERE.

Using the carbon paper method I traced it onto the surface of the tea trolley tray area and then painted over it using a tiny brush and Graphite paint.

french typography vintage graphic



I finished this piece off with a light sanding and then aged it with clear and dark wax and VOILA!!!

Shabby Chic Vintage Tea Trolley Chalk Paint

Shabby Chic Vintage Tea Trolley Chalk Paint . Shabby Chic Vintage Tea Trolley Chalk Paint . Shabby Chic Vintage Tea Trolley Chalk Paint

Shabby Chic Vintage Tea Trolley Chalk Paint French Typography

How beautiful did this piece turn out, perfectly elegant with rich colours, aged patina and lovely detail. I think it is just perfect.

This piece is for sale in our online Etsy store.

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