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A Shabby Chic Duck Egg Chalk Paint Custom Makeover

Good Morning all 🙂


Today I thought that I would share with you a custom job that I completed quite some time ago. I have been really slack with blogging about this job but looking over the pictures of it last night reignited my love for these pieces and I just had to share them today.

A lovely lady (…hi Natalie :)…) contacted me some time ago and wanted me to restore some pieces that she won on ebay for an absolute steal. The pieces were quite old and in need of some love but they had character and detail and we both knew they would come up great with some work.

The first piece that I took home was this very cute pot / soap cupboard. A piece had broken off the top and there was some modifications to be made but it was the perfect candidate for some restoration loving!

WP_20130801_008 .. WP_20130801_002 .. WP_20130801_011


Natalie decided that she would like to go with Duck Egg Blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and and Old Ochre Blend for highlighting, so I took the piece home and started working.

My wonderful handy hubby reattached the broken piece and also created a shelf that we fitted inside the cupboard. Then I cleaned the whole piece down and got to work. I painted the entire piece in Duck Egg Blue (sigh … i just love love love this colour) and let it dry. It took about 2-3 coats. Then I painted the sunken panel areas in the Old Ochre Blend. I stippled the paint with a stiffer brush to add some texture to it. And then painted the entire inside in Ochre as well.

Once the paint had dried I stenciled on a ‘Vintage Paris Flea Market’ stencil to the top piece. Gave the whole piece a light sanding and some very light distressing and then clear waxed it. I went over the piece with some dark wax to darken the Duck Egg Blue and also to highlight the texture in the paneling. And here it is!!

Shabby Chic Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint Transformation .. Shabby Chic Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint Transformations .. Shabby Chic Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint Transformation 1

Isn’t it just gorgeous!! I love the stenciling and the lighter panels and I love love love the colour. To be honest I had a hard time giving this piece back!!

Now for the monster transformation. The second piece was a large old and very battered in places wardrobe. There was quite a lot of bracing, filling, and general repair work that needed to be done to the piece and this fell into the lap of my hubby haha. I am not fantastic with cutting, nailing and building anything in general but I do have vision and I love to paint, so I guess we make a good pair! Here is the piece before …

WP_20130801_013 .. WP_20130801_024.. WP_20130801_020

You can’t really tell in these photos but once we got the piece home and stood it up the entire internal bracing was sagging and the piece was quite wonky, also we weren’t sure if we would be able to salvage to top moulding / hat piece as it was VERY flimsy and quite cracked. But my hubby spent a long time with it in the shed and when he finally called me in I was thrilled. Not only had he straightened and strengthened the entire piece but he had repaired the hat piece and even moulded some fill to replace some large chunks that were missing. Now it was time for me to get to work.

I cleaned the whole piece down and we knocked the mirror out. Then I painted the entire piece in exactly the same manner as the other piece (Duck Egg for the main and Ochre for the paneling and highlights). I replaced the mirror with a ply board that I covered in a gorgeous vintage wall paper that I had on hand. Then I waxed the entire piece and dark waxed lightly to deepened the Blue and it was done. I did feel that after waxing this piece I had run a marathon and I wasn’t sure if my elbows would ever forgive me but the outcome was really worth it. Here it is 🙂

Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint Vintage Upcycled Wardrobe  .. Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint Vintage Upcycled Wardrobe  .. Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint Vintage Upcycled Wardrobe

Here are some closeup shots


Isn’t the wall paper just divine!!

Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint Vintage Upcycled Wardrobe  .. Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint Vintage Upcycled Wardrobe

I have to say that this wardrobe is just so striking .. it really did take my breath away once it was finished ….

And here it is looking as gorgeous as ever in its home 😀


Natalie Wardrobe (thanks Natalie for the gorgeous picture)

What do you think? Don’t you just love duck egg blue?


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