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Shabby Chic French Vintage Queen Anne Side Table Transformation

Hello there all my lovely cyber friends 🙂

For those of you that are local you would know that our wonderful summer weather has sadly passed and winter is moving in full speed ahead. Currently it is pouring outside and so I have taken that as a good excuse to huddle inside in front of the wood heater and catch up on some blogging!!

This arv I thought that I would share another Blake and Taylor Paint Furniture Transformation. Many months ago now, my husband came home with a car full of furniture goodies. Among his haul was a fantastic and very old original Queen Anne side table with ball and claw feet!!! I don’t know if you can sense my excitement in those word but lets just say I was jumping for joy at the sight of the piece.  Despite the fact that it was missing its handle and clearly needed some cosmetic love, it was just to die for …. those great lines, Queen Anne cabriole legs and those awesome ball and claw feet…..sigh!!!




Well despite my love for this piece, it spent many moons hidden away until one bored afternoon I had a streak of bravery and decided to paint it!! I knew that I wanted to paint this piece with a soft neutral palate and give it that ‘French’ look. I had just bought some of the Blake and Taylor’s Paints from my fellow furniture painter (and paint stockist) Monique from Dandelion Wood and was dying to try it. This was actually my first real trial of this paint.

blake and taylor


Here is a picture from their website … just to show you how cute their tins of paint look 🙂

I decided to go with the colour Hampton ( a soft off white with Beige and Grey undertones). I grabbed my brush and heart beating I began to paint. The paint went on beautifully, smooth and evenly. The texture of this paint is quite different to what I am used to. Rather than being chalky it had a completely different flow. I would say it feels in between chalk paint and latex. First coat went on really well and dried in about 15 mins. Then I re-coated the entire piece. After the second coat was done I did what I call a half coat … not a full coat, but a watered down coat where you really just even out the paint job and get any spots that aren’t as thick or that have been missed. I decided that I wanted to add a subtle colour difference to the drawer front so I experimented and mixed a little Annie Sloans Coco Chalk Paint into the paint I was using. This made a light washed out beige which I used for the drawer front and on the raised carved areas.

I let the piece dry fully and then got sanding. I gave the piece a good rub down all over with a fine grit sand paper and then used a medium grit to distress the piece and give it that wonderful shabby aged look.

Now for the wax. I had been given some samples of the wonderful L’essentials waxes (by Vintage Roses and Things) from Monique when I bought the paint. I decided to try out the luster wax. It is a clear wax base with a bit of luster or pearly shine / glow to it. It is very subtle but just adds this amazing glow to the finish and it smelt just like a day spa (all natural too J). I got my hubby to grab me a drawer pull while he was out and once we fitted it I knew that I was in LURVE!!!

Shabby chic blake and taylor hampton vintage side table painted furniture  Shabby chic blake and taylor hampton vintage side table painted furniture

It was swoon worthy shabby frenchy perfection and the shade of paint …  just gorgeous!!


Shabby chic blake and taylor hampton vintage side table painted furniture Shabby chic blake and taylor hampton vintage side table painted furniture

If I was in need of a side table  I wouldn’t have been able to part with it, my husband even suggested we keep it as a display in our living area to sit a crystal port / sherry decanter and glass set on. I must say I was tempted but I really think this piece would be much better used as a beautiful feature piece to liven up somebody’s home and just add the perfect amount of French feel with it!!!

Here is a shot from my recent stall … I just love the lighting 🙂

Shabby chic blake and taylor hampton vintage side table painted furniture


And while I’m feeling snap happy here is a close up shot of the vignette that I set up on top!!

Vintage Vignette





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