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‘Eau De Cologne’ Rustic Side Table/Cupboard in Blake and Taylor Paints

Hello all,

The sun is shinning and I have just been for a walk so its taken quite a bit of self control to make myself sit down at the computer when my little fingers are itching to get painting. I just had to share this project with you all. A few weeks ago i picked up this sweet side table at an antique auction.


I know it’s not a great photo but I am really terrible at getting ‘before’ shots, my husband says I am too impatient to start painting and what can I say? Its true!! So back to the side table / cupboard ..  apart from being grotty it was in pretty good shape!

I decided that I would use Blake and Taylor’s Furniture Paint for this piece. Their paints are Australian made and owned which is awesome and they have great adhesion to the surface of the piece without having to sand. Rather than having a chalky finish they have a more sleek matte finish. I think that the paint feels like a cross between latex and chalk paint in terms of consistency and finish!! I had recently bought 3 colours to try out from my wonderful fellow painter Monique at Dandelion Wood (her stall is at the Dayelsford Mill Markets so if you are up that way you should definitely visit her and check it out) who has been so lovely and helpful to me, she is just great. Any way I bought 3 colours .. Duck which is a duck egg type blue, Hampton which is a rich creamy off white and Kettle Green which is really a country or sage type green. I decided to use Duck and Hampton for this piece. I painted the entire piece except the counter top in Hampton . Then I painted over it (except the door, side panels and top trim) in Duck. I sanded the top back and made up a strong 1/4 cup of coffee. Using a tea bag I wiped the coffee over the wood staining it. Once that had dried I gave it a light wash with Annie Sloan Graphite paint.

All that was left now was the finishing touches. I decided to use a wonderful French Cologne Graphic I had seen at The Graphics Fairy’s Website (she really is the go to lady for awesome vintage graphics / typography). Using the carbon copy method, I traced the graphic onto the front of the door and using Graphite and a teeny weeny tiny brush, I hand painted it onto the surface. A little bit of distressing and some wax and VOILA!!!

Rustic French Cottage Side Table Blake and Taylor Paints Rustic French Cottage Side Table Blake and Taylor Paints Rustic French Cottage Side Table Blake and Taylor Paints Rustic French Cottage Side Table Blake and Taylor Paints

Here are some close ups!! Do you love it or what!??!

Rustic French Cottage Side Table Blake and Taylor Paints

Rustic French Cottage Side Table Blake and Taylor Paints

I just love the rustic charm of this piece and the sassy Frenchy feel the graphic adds to this piece. Its lucky that I don’t have room for this one or I might have kept it all to myself. This piece is looking for a new home 🙂

I am linking up to FURNITURE FEATURE FRIDAY on the Miss Mustard Seeds Blog 🙂


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