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Plain Jane to Divinely Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Hello its Tuesday and if you are reading this it means that you survived Monday (the worst day of the week)

Today I thought I would share with you a very special piece / makeover, special because it is now my bathroom vanity.

My wonderful hubby and I have built ourselves a little one bedroom one bathroom transportable home (yes transportable means you can pick it up on a truck and move it). We have only just finished it after lots and lots of hard work, late nights, tears and laughter.

I was determined to source and upcycle as much of the furniture for our home as possible and seeing as I couldn’t find a new bathroom vanity that I liked, it seemed that this would be a perfect item to start with.

I actually was REALLY lucky and found a second-hand piece almost straight away that I knew would be perfect for the job, so naturally I got my hot little mitts on it and carted it straight home.

Rustic Cupboard  Rustic Cupboard

Here is the piece that I found!! Cute but boring right?!!

I knew straight away that I wanted this piece to be in beautiful vintage sage green with lighter features. The sunken door panels would be perfect for this and the decorative top piece. I wanted to stain the counter top so grabbed my hand sander and then passed the boring job of sanding onto my husband haha. Once he had sanded the top nicely I could begin work.

I painted the entire areas to be painted in a base coat of old white. Then I got colour mixing (the fun part). I mixed  together some of Annie Sloans Chateau Grey, Paris Grey, Old White and Duck Egg Blue until l had the perfect sage green. Then I painted the areas I wanted to be sagey in this divine colour. After that I went over the areas that I wanted lighter in another coat of Old White.

Upcycled Chalk Paint Cupboard

The piece was already looking fab!

I got my sand paper out and distressed the piece where I thought it would be most effective. Now it was time to stain the counter top. I used a Minwax stain in Provincial. The stain came out too rich for my liking so I made a wash with old white and lightly washed over it. The effect was perfect and just dulled the stain down a bit which looked great!! I gave the counter top 2 coats of Minwax wipe on poly to protect it from water damage as it is going to be my bathroom vanity. Then I waxed the entire piece with a mix of light and dark wax.

Rustic Upcycled Chalk Paint Cupboard

This is in the kitchen of our rental 😛

It was looking awesome. For the handles I had some vintage handles that I picked up from a garage sale for a pittance and I knew they would be perfect. So my hubby fitted them for me.

Then it sat around in our half finished living area with the rest of the bathroom for some weeks (who knew that the toilet would come in handy as my laptop stand) haha

Rustic Upcycled Chalk Paint Cupboard WP_20140101_005

Now all that was left to do was choose the basin and tap and after much deliberation we chose these..

Rustic Upcycled Chalk Paint Cupboard

After some more waiting the bathroom was FINALLY finished and we could fit the vanity!! We fitted a cute little towel holder onto the side panel and this is my beautiful rustic divinely sagey green bathroom vanity.

Truly swoon worthy don’t you think?!!! 🙂

Rustic Upcycled Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity *  Chalk Paint Upcycled Rustic Bathroom Vanity * Rustic Upcycled Bathroom Vanity Chalk Paint

Some close up shots

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Chalk Paint  Rustic Bathroom Vanity Chalk Paint

Rustic Upcycled French Country Vintage Bathroom Vanity

We would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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