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Transforming Drab to Fab – Wooden Board Redo!!

Hello to all wherever you are reading from!!

Where I live it’s a balmy 30 degrees and I am sitting on the couch under the fan (no aircon), the perfect setting for blogging! Today I wanted to share a project that I did a few months ago. I actually found these pieces whilst scouring a friend’s garage the day before they had a garage sale. I was busy digging around in the old garage in the dark when I came across a pair of old wooden boards, they were covered in an inch of dust and grease and were looking a little worse for ware. As soon as I had laid eyes on them though, I knew that I wanted them.

Literally as soon as I got home, I stashed the rest of my finds in my shed and carted the wooden boards inside for some attention. After a light scrub down and sand they were ready to be transformed.

So I painted them in some custom blends of chalk paint, one in a green blend and the other a cream. They were already looking fab. Next I jumped on Google and found some great graphics and printed them off. I made a carbon copy and traced the graphics on. Then I hand painted over the tracing.

After that all that was left was to distress and wax the pieces and VOILA … rustic kitchen board signs.

Rustic Kitchen Board Signs Chalk Paint

I love love LURVE how these turned out!! Perfect for that country/rustic kitchen feel 🙂

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