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‘Paris Flea Market’ Kitchen Dresser Upcycled in Chalk Paint

French Vintage Kitchen Dreser Shabby Chic

Hello All,

Today I thought I would share another of my favourite makeovers. I am a little late in posting this piece up but better late than never 🙂

My husband actually spotted this piece and decided that we should buy it. It was only about 40 minutes from where we live and it looked like it had potential despite its current hideous baby poo brown state. So we arranged to pick it up and off we went and collected it. At first sight I knew that the piece would come up great so we wasted no time getting it home and into the workshop.


My husband and I both decided that the first thing we would do is smash the white tiles out of the back of the top piece and replace them with something completely different. Then we sanded the top free of that ugly brown colour. I knew that I wanted to keep the top stained to contrast with the body once it was painted. But before we got staining we bashed the counter/surface with all manner of items (this part was acutally a lot of fun and I found the sight of my husband and I bashing this poor piece of furniture with any tools we could grab quite humorous). Once we had pounded, gouged, slashed scratched and dented to our hearts content we decided it was time to finally stain the piece. I used my trusty Minwax walnut stain and it came up great, the dents and marks soaked up the stain and went really dark and giving the piece a really rustic aged and battered look.

Then it was time to paint. I painted the entire piece in Aubusson blue and the side panels in a mix of Old white and Old Ochre. It was coming along great. I textured the side panelling and made up a custom template of French writing which I hand painted on. After this I grabbed my trusty ‘Paris Flea Market / Vintage’ stencils and stencilled them onto the stained top. I gave the entire piece a good rub over with dark and clear wax.

Now all that was left to do is fill in the area where the awful white tiles had been. I decided that backing board covered in fabric would look great and I had the perfect Jacquard fabric at hand. This part was easy – trace – cut – staple and it was ready. Before I fitted the fabric covered board I sprayed it with fabric water proofer just for a little protection. For the finishing touch we added some cup hooks under the top piece shelf and it was done.

I think it turned out divine!! What do you think?

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